Thursday, 23 November 2017

Hire Content Marketing Services And Globalize Your Business

With the myriad of options available, you may not be able to easily find and hire content marketing services. To help you out, here’s a complete list of things you need to take into consideration.
Tips to hire content marketing services
Strategic content marketing services:
Experts say that not every content marketing agency can counsel its clients with the complete understanding of their marketing and sales attribution. What’s sometimes missing is the ability to ask the right questions about the client’s business objectives. If a content marketing agency can understand the business objectives of its clients and create an effective action plan, they’ve already won half the battle.
Creative Approach:
If a content marketing agency is pitching you and you don’t find their approach creative enough, it’s a red flag. In fact, content marketing is all about being amazingly creative with content and finding new ways to repurpose it.
Today, an agency must have expertise in producing content for different networks, mediums, and channels. For instance, if your master content is a white paper research piece, you must ask the agency that how creatively it can slice and dice this into an interactive e-book, infographics, webinars, different video formats, podcasts, multiple social posts, and other formats.
Understanding of your target audiences and channels:
Knowing how to find the right target audience along with using various online channels to promote content is vital.  An agency should have the ability to find out; what are the content marketing channels and platforms its client own, what can come in use with minimal reinvention, and how to consolidate resources to maximize reach.
Understanding of your buyer’s journey:
Publishing a compelling story on the internet isn’t enough these days. Today, content marketing services should be optimized for popular search engines and filled into a marketing automation program.
Basically, when you go to hire content marketing services, make sure the agency knows which content marketing strategy to apply at each stage of your buyer’s purchase journey.
Leverage latest technology for content marketing success:
If you have decided to hire content marketing services, make sure that your content marketing agency knows how to make use of the latest technologies to yield the best benefits with your content strategy.
Ask questions to your agency, how it is going to devise your content marketing strategies end-to-end. You don’t have to settle for vanity metrics either. Try understanding how they will use data to optimize performance and what they will be measuring.

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A Rundown Of Benefits Of Hiring A Content Marketing Agency

Benefits of hiring a content marketing agency
Hiring a Content Marketing Agency can amazingly boost the presence of your brand in the online world along with giving it a professional touch. Although the debate whether one should have an in-house content marketing team or outsource it from a proficient Digital Marketing agency, which offers content marketing services too, has been going on for a long time, perhaps from the time when a content marketing became a potential tool of promotion on the internet.

In fact, the benefits of hiring a content marketing agency are so overwhelming that even big businesses who can have an in-house team of content marketers prefer outsourcing their content marketing tasks.
Here’s a rundown of benefits one yield by hiring a Content Marketing Agency:
Avail the Best Talent in the Field:
It is one of the potential benefits you can avail by hiring a Content Marketing Agency rather than having an in-house team. If you have an in-house team working for you then you may have to settle for the work it’s providing. On the contrary, you don’t have to settle down with an agency if you aren’t satisfied with the agency’s work you’ve hired, you can always move on to someone else.
You spend money on what YOU get:
You only need to pay for the services a content marketing agency offers you. Since the people involved with the content production, content writing, and content marketing aren’t your employees, you don’t need to pay for the infrastructure, legalities, and other benefits. You don’t need to arrange office space. You don’t have to buy new computers and software. And, they won’t use your electricity or bandwidth as well.
Professionals work for YOU:
People working in a content marketing company cannot be amateurs, then, it won’t be able to get its profile off the ground. They know what they do. They would’ve already performed successive content marketing campaigns for various organizations and may have gone through different situations. Thus, they put all their experience when they come to work for you.
Eloquent Writers Work for YOU:
Content Marketing requires professional and proficient writers. A Content Marketing Agency already have access to such writers. When you hire writers on your own, many vested interests get involved and create a chance of you not being able to get the writers with the expertise you wanted in them, such as understanding of the services you offer and accordingly promoting them.
Get a Turnkey Solution with a Content Marketing Agency:
Content marketing is not only about knowing how to write. It requires a mindset, a comfort level with modern tools and technologies.
What’s the benefit of having a writer if he doesn’t understand the topics she or he needs to write? Can he do data mining? Is he even able to carry out extensive research? Can he come up with attractive, compelling content topics that are relevant to your business? Does he even know how to align your business demands with the content they will create? And what about the right content marketing channels he needs to use to promote your content? You won’t have to worry about all of the above. A Content Marketing Agency put their emotions aside and provide you with the best solutions in terms of content production and content marketing.
As being a writer in a Digital Marketing Agency, my opinion will favor the hiring of an outside agency. However, that’s not the case. Hiring an in-house content marketing agency has its merits, but it cannot surpass the benefits of going the other way.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Best Online Marketing Tips To Upgrade Your Brand’s Online Growth

When advertisers use offline marketing channels like print, radio, and T.V., they cannot change or control their advertising campaigns and hope for the best results in terms of results. But, now with digital marketing and digital advertising, you can track and tweak your ads as frequently as you want. Unlike conventional marketing, the most attracting aspect of digital marketing is its real time tracking. There are also a few best online marketing tips that can help businesses maximize performance and ROI.

Best Online Marketing Tips for Online Businesses
Mentioned online marketing tips in this article can be implemented quickly and efficiently into your digital ad campaigns and day-to-day digital marketing.
Enhance Your Website:
Like most online businesses, you also have a website. And the odds are good if you have had the same website for several past years. This can be a blessing as well as a curse, and something those business owners should address.
Websites that have been around longer in this online space are gettin an SEO advantage over newly launched websites. However, the sites that have stayed the same for a while, the more likely it becomes that the information and content on such sites are inaccurate or outdated.
According to a recent study, the majority of consumers on the internet encounter multiple erroneous websites on a daily basis. These are few quick ways to lose customers than having them turn to the address mentioned on the website.
Updating your website also happens to be the best time to upgrade its security features, which is a must to build consumer trust. Similarly, making it a mobile-friendly site can also lead to tangible development in business performance.
 Bring Into Play Social Media and PPC:
Many business owners have a false impression on the use of social media and PPC and the way the internet works. While there are giant websites and popular social media business pages who have gained their huge followings organically. This is almost never the case, there are cases of something going viral as well. And in most situations, content that got a lot of publicity and attention, pay for promotion and advertising to get the ball rolling.
It’s true that all the money in the world won’t always help bad content, but without PPC (pay-per-click) or paid promotion on the internet, it will take time way longer than usual for people to notice things.
Utilize Marketing Tactics:
Once there was a period when people had limited resources to learn about information. Now, there is a wide variety of resources to get the information. And the better you use these methods in conjunction, the better the results you’ll get.
This conjunction can fall into two categories. First, businesses using multiple forms of online marketing can coordinate them to ensure that one consistent message is reaching the audience.
Using social media, PPC, video ads and email marketing in tandem makes it inevitable for people to miss that one message.
The other way of integration is to mix online advertising and offline advertising. Imagine, how much more effective it will be when online advertising will reinforce what people have seen on billboards, TV ads, etc. Coordinating all the marketing and advertising channels can be a tricky thing. But, it will be worth it for businesses if they hire people who can manage this coordination and implementation for them.          
Over To You:
In this digital world, online marketing holds a ton of potential. For brands and companies, it’s one of the most effective ways to advertise their products, services, and offerings to a targeted audience.
However, if you don’t follow the right online marketing tips, the likelihood is that you won’t be able to garner the results you expect. Thus, keep the mentioned online marketing tips when forming your future marketing campaigns and conversion rate.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Why Has Mobile Optimization Become Undeniable For Online Businesses

Not long ago, Digital Marketing was all about publishing content on the web and how efficiently you could optimize your website for better search rankings on search engines. However, in today’s scenario, if your business’s web portal isn’t available for smartphone users, you are missing out to leverage a potentially huge audience. Now, go through this article to know what is Mobile Optimization and why it’s so important to optimize your website for mobile users.
the importance of Mobile Optimization
Why must I adapt to Mobile Optimization?
Excellent User Experience:
Simple, because most of the tech-savvy people prefer using mobile than desktop. Significantly, in the past few years, people have started using mobile for accessing the internet. So, if your website is not responsive, user-friendly, or mobile-optimized, you might lose your potential customers even before they’ve had browsed your products or services.
Consistency with Mobile Optimization:
If your website is attractive, has a clean interface, and offers an easy-to-use navigation system with stunning graphics and content, your user-base expect the same when they access your site on their phones. Not being up to the mark on this occasion may turn them off your company altogether.
Adapting to Mobile Revolution:
Mobile Revolution has changed the way we do everything. It has transformed the way we do business, shop, bank, and communicate with people around the globe. Besides, we should be grateful that technology has made the world a much smaller place. The same applies to business interactions and the way organizations communicate with their clients.
Copy Length:
People looking answers for their queries on their mobile devices always look for quick and well-presented information. They look for the information that’s easy to absorb, that allows them to make well-informed decisions. Mobile users want instant satisfaction from the provided information.
Small bits of information, a user-engaging headline, and bullet points are the things that grab the attention of people. Offer your potential clients the user-friendly benefit of buying online, offer them sufficient information and make the conversion process easy.
Creative Call to Action:
Unlike any website’s content, mobile content needs to be succinct, to the point. It should be able to bring users directly to your website’s homepage. A strong, clear call-to-action can help your users decide what they want.
If you are also looking to make use of Mobile Optimization for the best conversion rate, start by speaking to the digital specialists of Oodles Marketing.

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Monday, 13 November 2017

Internet Marketing Agency - Oodles Marketing

Internet marketing is a term that refers to the promotion of products/services using various forms of electronic media by an Internet Marketing Agency.

Unlike conventional marketing, it involves the use of various online channels and methods to get a proper understanding of consumer behavior in the real-time scenario. Thus, organizations can easily analyze their marketing campaigns and implement necessary steps accordingly.
Though, you may need the help of an Internet Marketing Agency to yield proper benefits of Digital marketing.
Following are the benefits you’ll get by hiring an Internet Marketing Agency for the digital marketing of your business.
1) Make Strategies with Valuable Data and Analytics
In the age of digital information, an Internet Marketing agency can help you analyze web traffic to plan effective digital marketing strategies. Subsequently, you can get vital insights into customer preference and change their buying patterns.
2) Increased Conversion Rates
An Internet Marketing agency can help you pave the way for better interaction with your target audience via Google Analytics and Webmasters. An agency uses prompt actions– utilize generated leads and provides you with increased conversion growth.
3) Cheaper than Conventional Marketing
Significantly, it takes a lot of money and efforts to promote brands through conventional marketing methods. By saving your extra expense in promotional activities, you can avail cost-effectivity of digital marketing to a substantial extent.
4) Compete with Large Corporations:
An Internet Marketing Agency can enable your business to compete with large corporations. Furthermore, you give your business a competitive advantage even as a small business or startup.
5) Earn People’s Trust and Build Brand Recognition
It’s important to line up your business objectives with your consumers’ interest. Moreover, Digital Marketing can help you build the trust factor in your users in a convincing way.
Why Choose Oodles Marketing?
Oodles Marketing is an expert Internet Marketing Agency with oodles of experience in Digital Marketing arena. We offer various result-driven Digital Marketing Services that can help your small business grow into a large corporation.

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

45 Awe-Inspiring Social Media Facts You Cannot Miss

The rise of social media has changed the ways we do pretty much everything. Social media channels have become increasingly popular globally in the last 4-5 years. And to top it all, social media has become an integral part of every Digital Marketing strategy. Let’s check out these 45 amazing Social Media facts. You can even share them with your social network to show how knowledgeable you are.
45 Amazing social media facts
45 Awe-inspiring Social Media Facts
Facebook facts:
1) Facebook boasts of approximately 21 % of all social media referral traffic worldwide. (reference)
2) If that isn’t sufficient, Facebook drives 23% of all traffic coming from the Internet. (reference)
3) In any given month, roughly 1.28 billion people are active on this giant social media network. It’s equivalent to the whole population of India- the second most-populous country. (reference)
4) 30% of American users get all their news exclusively from Facebook. (reference)
5) Almost one third- 23%- of Facebook users visit the site for around five times a day. (reference)
6) There are only 25% of Facebook users who bother to check or edit their privacy settings. (reference)
7) For an average millennial Facebook user, the median number of friends in the network accounts for 250. (reference)
8) Around 77% of B2C entities have successfully acquired new consumers through Facebook. (reference)
9) While approximately 55% of small and medium-sized businesses have a Facebook page, only 0.2% of them have invested their money in promoted posts or Facebook Advertising. (reference)
10) The average CTR of Facebook advertisements in the United States is .14%. However, in the United Kingdom, this rate goes up by .24%. (reference)
Twitter Facts:
11) The bird that features in Twitter’s iconic logo and branding has a name. The bird is called Larry and named after legendary Boston Celtics forward Larry Bird. (reference)
12) The social media platform has approximately 320 million monthly active users, or MAUs. (reference)
13) Of those 32o million MAUs, there are around 100 million daily active users on Twitter. (reference)
14) Surprisingly half of all accounts on Twitter- 44%- have never bothered to send a tweet. (reference)
15) Approximately 80% of world’s leaders have a Twitter account, though the frequency of their tweets varies from one to another. (reference)
16) As of 2013, Twitter had an operational capacity of handling more than 18 QUINTILLION users accounts. (reference)
17) Around 15% American people are not allowed to access Twitter from their workplace. (reference)
18) Instagram launched on October 6, 2010. By December 21, 2010, the service had more than 1 million users. It took Twitter more than two years to accomplish this level of growth.18) Tweets that features images receive 18% of more clicks than tweets only with texts. (reference)
19) The average click-through-rates- of Twitter ads is between 1-3%. (reference)
20) Almost 12% American people use Twitter during work hours. (reference)
LinkedIn Facts:
21) LinkedIn has more than 300 million monthly active users. (reference)
22) Fascinatingly, two users make connections to LinkedIn every second. (reference)
23) In 2013, LinkedIn’s CEO, Jeff Weiner said that his company’s aim is to acquire more than 3 billion users, that is slightly less than half the world’s populations. (reference)
24) The number of endorsements on Linkedin has reached to 1 billion since it’s launch in 2013. (reference)
25) In 2016, the most overrated and overused word in LinkedIn accounts was “motivated.” (reference)
26) The number of users as students or recent graduates on Linkedin is 39 million. (reference)
27) LinkedIn has nearly 1 million “professional post publishers.” (reference)
28) As of now, more than 3 million long-form posts published on LinkedIn. (reference)
29) And more than 20 million SlideShare presentations are uploaded on Linkedin. (reference)
30) Approximately 41% of millionaires have an account on LinkedIn. (reference)
Instagram Facts:
31) Instagram has 400 million monthly active users. (reference)
32) Two months after the launch on October 6, 2010, Instagram crossed 1 million users. It took Twitter more than two years to achieve this level of growth. (reference)
33) More than 41 million photos on Instagram have selfie-related hashtags attached to them. (reference)
34) The most frequently geo-tagged city on Instagram is New York City. (reference)
35) More than 16 billion images have been uploaded to Instagram since it’s launch. (reference)
36) Approximately 32% of American teenagers prefer Instagram as the most important social media platform.
37) Instagram has adoption of 85% among top brands. (reference)
38) Per-follower engagement rate of Instagram is 58 times higher than Facebook and 120 times than twitter. (reference)
39) 5 million videos were uploaded on the first day when Instagram launched videos.  (reference)
40) Selena Gomez is the most followed celebrity on Instagram with more than 113 million followers. (reference)
Pinterest Facts:
41) As of 2016, more than 75 billion pins have been uploaded to Pinterest. (reference)
42) 70% of the user base is female on Pinterest. (reference)
43) 87% of users on Pinterest have purchased a product because they saw the product on Pinterest. And 93% of users use Pinterest to make a future purchase. (reference)
44) Usually, 75% of all traffic on Pinterest comes exclusively from mobile devices. (reference)
45) Drink and food are two of the most popular categories on Pinterest. Approximately, 47% of users report interactions with pins related to drinking and food. (reference)
These were some of the hard-hitting Social Media facts compiled to make you realize the ever-increasing importance of Social media. As of this writing, some of these facts may not remain the same.  Thus, understand what type of social media channels resonates with your business and start making use of them. In case if these Social Media facts fall short of your expectations, you can find numerous other amazing Social Media facts on the internet that can instantly sway your decision.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Planning A Strong ECommerce Content Marketing Strategy

As a new eCommerce business, you might be looking for an eCommerce content marketing strategy. A strategy that can help you grow your business instantly. You can grow your business easily by selling more. But how can you sell more when you have only begun yet? Well, by increasing your reach and finding new audiences, you can expand your business amazingly. By having a robust eCommerce content marketing strategy, you can see your sales growing, as well as a considerable increase in conversion rates.
tips to plan a robust ecommerce content marketing strategy
Use Content Marketing Services
Begin with using content on your website. Content can come in many forms. It can be blog posts, newsletters, article, videos, infographics, etc. It can be created, distributed, and promoted to gain and engage new audiences, and form positive relationships with customers.
Likewise, Content Marketing Services can help your brand promote itself and make people like and trust it enough.
How to Prepare a Strong eCommerce Content Marketing Strategy?
Let’s get to the core of the matter: plan your eCommerce content marketing strategy. This will mainly include social media, mobile marketing, visual content, and eCommerce SEO.
The first step is the sales funnel, and the journey it represents of your customers.
1) Awareness: Potential customers are made aware of your brand and the products/services you offer.
2) Interest: Potential customers show interest in your brand and consider having business with you.
3) Decision: Potential customers decide to become your customer.
4) Action: Potential customers become your customer.
Content Marketing Services come into play throughout the funnel. Though, they’re more vital in the first two steps. As such, that’s what you’re going to craft your content for. Remember that the first two steps are linked, and often overlaps each other because one usually leads to the other. For instance, creating your Brand’s awareness often generates interest of people in what you sell, and vice versa, generating interest in what you offer leads to increased awareness of your brand- it is usually known as demand generation.
Creating Awareness and Generating Interest
When creating awareness, first up you need to get your business off the ground. Know what’s your target audience, join various social media channels, and use our specialty- create content.
Finding your target audience is easy if you’re an eCommerce business because services/products related demographics are already attached to them.
For instance, for a designer handbag, the target audience will be made up of women between the age group of 24 to 27. On the other hand, for a toy, the target audience will be children of a certain age.
Once you have found your audience, find ways to reach them. Do they frequently visit certain websites? Do they prefer certain social media channels over others? This is what all you need to know before creating the best content.
Become Mobile-Optimized First
A huge chunk of the population is on mobile. Being a mobile-optimized website is the trend that is currently dominating the online society. Long story short, we are opting to use our smartphones while browsing the internet more rather than desktops. Because of this, be ready to make a switch for a responsive website. That can resize content according to the screen size of the mobile.
If you don’t switch to a responsive website, at least, get a mobile-friendly site that won’t decrease user experience (UX).
The problem with not adapting to either of the steps is that a huge audience won’t be able to properly browse your site. Even if they do, they may not make a purchase.
E-commerce SEO and Keywords
After having a responsive website in place to serve your audience, you can create and churn out content. Begin with keyword research based on products you’re offering and targeting. For this, make use of tools like Google AdwordsKeyword Planner, SERPs Keyword Research Database, Moz Keyword planner, and SEMrush to find relative and effective new words.
After finding your keywords, sprinkle them throughout the content you create, and make sure they’ve been stuffed. Ensure that you don’t exceed 2%-3% keyword density. You can place keywords in headings and subheadings of your content.
Social Media Marketing and Visual Content Marketing are Important
In order to effectively promote your brand, you will have to make use of social media channels. Because they’re the places to get found, to share your content, and expand your audience. Added to this, visual content marketing is the key to making the best out of social media. Visual content marketing includes creation and sharing of visual content such as infographics, images, and videos. This is essential as eCommerce businesses need to showcase their good and services.
Before spreading your visual content on social media channels, consider which social media channels your business offerings require. Instagram and Pinterest are two of the most preferred channels to post visual content. Use Facebook to share some images along with the content you’ve created.
Content marketing will always be prevailing for a business in the eCommerce industry because it fosters Brand awareness and loyalty. It generates demand among people about your products and services. And by optimizing for eCommerce SEO services, it makes it easier for you to find the right target audience.

Friday, 3 November 2017

How To Top The Charts With Digital PR (Public Relations)

Whether you are an individual, a company or an organization, reaching to the maximum public is the target for you. A positive publicity is a need, regardless of the fact that you are a brand or not. Digital PR (Public Relations) is not something that recently came into the picture. It is a way old process to strategically create and maintain a positive image of a company or individual, in the eyes of public or fans. However, with the changing trends, basic PR is being shifted towards Digital Public Relations.
Grow your business with Digital PR (public relations)
A strategy utilized by brands to expand their online presence and communicate directly to the audience, with the help of social media and content marketing is digital PR.
In the last few decades in the music industry, a huge shift is being seen towards digital PR. Digital world positively or negatively, very quickly occupied the market. Almost everyone is online nowadays. But whether digital marketing is a boon or a bane, is still a topic for debate.
Why is Digital PR needed?
With the increasing competition, It does not matter, whether you are a well-known artist or a newcomer, digital PR is the need of the hour. To reach the masses, just a premier is not enough, as it limits your audiences.
You do not want to be heard by a limited crowd, right? You want your fans to be there in every corner of the world. The fastest and most effective way to reach the mass is by Digital PR or Digital marketing.
To be a singer, you need talent but to be a star you need marketing. As digital PR is the most successful marketing strategy, it helps in engaging the potential audiences and create or maintain online reputation.
Being live on social media, launching your track online, building relationships with creative web writers are all part of a successful digital PR campaign. A right campaign with key strategies can make you a star online.
However, before checking the results of a digital PR campaign, you cannot comment whether it was the correct campaign for you and your brand or not. At last, it depends on how many and what group of people you reach.
Importance of Music Blogs and Hype Machine
Music Blogs
To be visible on some of the top music blogs can introduce you to a lot of potential audiences. These blogs itself drives two-way traffic towards you. You reach those who directly come to the site and also to them, who are driven by the site’s social media presence.
Some of the top rated and busy music blogs are Nylon magazine, Earmilk, Caveman Sound and Music Ninja. These sites not only gives you exposure to the right crowd but increases your reliability amongst fans as well.
Hype Machine
Hype Machine is your one-stop solution for all queries. It is like a garden of music blogs and quality musicians.The Hype Machine is a great platform for newcomers, but it is not that easy to top the charts.
The Hype Machine is very serious about their reputation, so you have to be really good to get indexed here. If you want to be noticed, this is your place to be there.
Whether Digital PR is a boon or bane for the music industry, but it is worth a try.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

5 Key Benefits Of SEO Services For Small Businesses

It is no more an exaggeration to say that there are a lot of benefits of SEO Services for small businesses. SEO services helps small business owners create fast, robust and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines. SEO or search engine optimization is a way by which you can boost your search engine rankings and figure out among the top results of search engine lists. The best SEO services for small businesses help them to create their web presence and bypass competitors to gain new customers for their business and take it to the next level.
SEO services for Small Businesses
Here are top 5 KEY benefits of SEO Services for Small Businesses:
1) Build Brand Awareness:
SEO plays a vital role for small businesses in a way to increase their web presence. It increases the site traffic and with properly curated content these site visitors can easily convert to customers. SEO grows the visibility of the website online and hence reaches the maximum no. of audiences. Excellent SEO strategies are essential for creating the brand image and credibility of the newly established small businesses.
2) Return on Investment:
The chances of a return on investment in case of small businesses increase with the proper use SEO. Small Business owners must go for SEO services for long-term visibility and credibility. This also translates to better conversions. SEO is the best investment for small businesses since it helps you find your customers and your customers to find you.
A good quality content, web design, and SEO services are some of the important aspects that a company needs to consider while they plan to jump into online marketing.
3) User-Friendly Website:
A well structured, clean and uncluttered website compels a casual visitor to stay longer, therefore decreasing bounce rate and increasing page views. Similarly, highly relevant content( Blogs and Articles) keeps your readers engaged and happy as they are likely to solve their problems by reading them and are able to find what they are actually looking for. Following good On-Page SEO techniques improves the user experience and this creates a lot of short-term and long-term benefits.
4) SEO is good for Social Media:
Any web page with high ranking will also get more exposure to Social Media. In today’s Digital world, Social media has a lot to contribute to the popularity of any organization or Business. So, any small businesses having a good hold on their SEO will also get more exposure to social media and interaction with their target audience.
5) Build Trust:
Good SEO brings the company presence on the first search pages of search engines:e.g Google. People trust Google. If your website appears on the first page of Google they are likely to trust you as well. If you use SEO services properly, chances are that your website will be at the top of the search list. The higher on this rank, the more traffic, and visibility you get on your website.
Best SEO Services for small businesses can help them fine-tune their strategy to make sure they are using all of their resources in best possible way. Give your business the best chance it can get by focusing on advantages you have as a small business, and staying away from large competition by using best SEO services for your organisation.

Monday, 30 October 2017

5 Content Marketing Facts To Influence Your Marketing Strategy

You may have heard that Content Marketing is the wave of the future. While it’s factual that content marketing is massively effective for nearly every organization and industry in this digital space, many marketers don’t understand the importance of it. Let’s shed a light on 5 puzzling yet fascinating content marketing facts that will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that content marketing is today’s marketing.
5 Influential Content Marketing Facts
5 Intriguing Content Marketing Facts
1) Around 200 million people are using ad blockers
A few years ago, paid advertisements had taken all over the online marketing. Today, however, consumers have become increasingly savvy about opting out of the advertisements they would rather not see. In August 2015, approximately 200 million people globally had chosen to install ad blockers in order to prevent seeing annoying ads while accessing the internet.  
Although it was a great news for consumers, it has proved to be a terrible one for the digital marketers who rely heavily on paid advertisements to promote a brand’s message.
Fortunately, there’s a more effective way to continue marketing efforts without being blocked by the people you’re trying to reach. The secret is using Content Marketing Services. In addition to being unaffected by ad-blocking software, great content is something that consumers want to interact with.
2) Content helps create Brand Recall and increases engagement
As per the survey by IBM Digital Experience in 2005, 55% of marketers believe that personalized content helps promote higher engagement rates. It’s because personalized content helps consumers recall a brand easily. Not only this, content also encourages them to engage personally with the organization in question. It results in creating a positive feedback loop that benefits both the user and the company.
3) Content Marketing Services provide you with 7.8 times more traffic
While it’s not easy to create high-quality content, it’s well worth eventually. Neil Patel says that people who taste success by becoming leaders in the arena of content marketing are the people who craft compelling, valuable content that reaches to the heart of their readers. This provides them with drastically more growth than their rivals.
For instance, Search Engine Journal produces content that is always high-quality and engaging. As a result, it boasts over 1 million unique visitors almost each and every month. This is not an accident– people genuinely want informative, valuable content.
4) The average time people spend on articles is 38 seconds
While skimmable content is of high value, users are actually reading the articles that content marketers post. According to a post by Newscred, content marketers who produce engaging and relevant content experience a large audience who spend significant time on their websites. Over time, this engagement produces higher levels of the brand building, and eventually, boost sales.
5) Content Marketing generates more than three times as many leads
Many inexperienced marketers think that using content marketing strategy services can prove to an expensive decision.
The fact is that it’s quite cheaper than the methods of traditional marketing. You only need to produce high-quality content and that’s it.
Content marketing is easy to begin, effective, and popular among consumers. It can amazingly reduce the cost you spend on advertising your brand. What’s more, it can manage all of this while being more operative than conventional marketing.
In summary:
While many marketers are skeptical about why content marketing is prevailing these days, these 5 content marketing facts prove that it is the future of digital marketing.
Efficient, less expensive, compelling, and highly customizable, content marketing serves virtually all type of businesses and industries.