Thursday, 24 May 2018

Techniques to Boost your Calls Through Paid Search Ad

We are already witnessing an enormous rise in the statistics of smartphone possession with the data forecasting up to approx 2.5 billion users to bloom by the end of 2019. This has created a major shift in the digital marketplace as the mobile based search queries are becoming more preferable than desktop. So why not switch to a master plan that could drive more traffic to your business by increasing calls through Paid Search Ad with the aid of tools such as Bing Ads and Google Adwords rather than dissipate money through authentic paid searches? If you truly agree, let me share few strategies for paid search ad to help you get along.

Crucial Strategies to drive more Calls with Paid Search Ad: 

Generate Mobile friendly Ads

Take a moment and think how easy our lives have become with the Smartphone revolution. Smartphones have profoundly changed our living and most importantly the process of digital marketing and advertising. Keeping this in mind, focus more on creating ads that are mobile friendly and optimized. Creating a campaign that is too lengthy might push away the potential clients accessing your page without any leads. Make sure your ads are effectively configured to almost all the handset types so that it is easy for the user to access and could benefit you by driving more calls through paid search Ad.

Nearby Business Ads

In May 2015, Google launched “Nearby Business” ads to help boost your calls and increase in-store tour. For instance, suppose you feel hungry and do not feel like cooking; you would obviously search for a list of restaurants which is more closer to wherever you stay. The “near me” ads activate for the search appearing through Adwords which inculcates a link to the directions and click to call the business options. For this, it is important for you to have your local extensions enabled to be featured in nearby ad searches by the user.

Use Location Extensions

As I already mentioned, the “Nearby business” calls through paid search Ad can only function when you turn on your location extension. This gives the user an idea about your whereabouts and if your business placing is actually beneficial for them. With such an advantage you can display your phone number, business address and a link to your location connected through the map for a better assistance and wiping out the hassles from their business plans and driving more masses to your website through your ads. Impressive?
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Put Call Extensions

Call Extensions permit you to mention your phone number in the ad. This enables the mobile searchers to reach you directly thereby increasing the chances of getting more leads. Getting direct calls through paid search Ad via right tool is likely to bring you more business rather than clicks as you can bid directly to your potential clients.

There are various other methods like Voice search and Call only ads which would help you increase your calls and conversions through paid search. Take a step ahead to incorporate it in your advertisement and marketing campaign to boost your clientele.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

4 Chrome Extensions To Boost Social Media

As we all know that social media and tools have a direct relationship in digital marketing. Every Digital marketer or social media expert has a set of Chrome Extensions To Boost Social Media to make their job easier and result oriented.

There are several chrome extensions and tools for social media specialist but here I am going to tell you about the most trending 4 chrome extensions to boost social media.

1) Todoist

This chrome extension will help you to organize and plan out your activities right from your browser, In this extension on the top right corner you can easily create a task, set a reminder, mark reminders. If you are travelling then you don’t need to worry, this tool will sync all your devices and help you to access/manage your tasks offline as well.

This chrome extensions to boost social media will also help you to save web pages, websites for the future references and on the other hand, it will make easy to link back to the original pages, as the result you can visit them when needed.

One of the major benefits of this extension is you can share the documents with your team members, clients and can add comments as well if needed.

2) Inoreader

Inoreader is one of the great helping hand for social media professionals which helps you to search the relevant content and save the web-pages for the future references.

On the other side, the uniqueness of this tool is you can subscribe to the number of sources you want. It simply means that there no restriction to subscribe the number of users.

The framework of the tool is so simple to use and user-friendly. What you need to do is simply starts with the topic of your interest and the most relevant result will come straight to you instead of visiting each and every related site of your topic.

Some of the readers who like to read articles at night, for those readers this tool has a function of night mode as well.

3) Right Tag

This Chrome Extensions To Boost Social Media will help you to find out the rights tags for the right post. Right, Tag will suggest you the multiple relevant tags for social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

This tool also has a colour mechanism. For example, the red colour tag indicates that the risk with your choice, on the other hand, a green colour tag indicate that there is no risk with your tag and it’s relevant.

4) Giphy

As we all know that new trend on social media is Giphy whether its Twitter or Facebook. Social media platforms mean engagement and a funny GIF will help you in the same. By using this tool you will find the perfect GIF in a second.

A perfect GIF that belongs to your post will surely boost your post and it’s engagement that will lead you towards the output in terms of a lead.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Free SEO Tool Which Optimise Your Website For Top Ranking

Free SEO tool can be very helpful to be on top of the search engine. If you want that your website rank on the first page of search engine so you have to do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the right direction with quality work.

Here are some free SEO tools which can help you to rank on top of the search engine.

1. Yoast SEO Plugin – Free SEO Tool
If you are using WordPress then Yoast SEO plugin can be the best. Yoast SEO plugin is free SEO tool and paid as well. You can use free version also which helps in to optimize your content on the web page, Yoast SEO helps in to write an optimized title, description tag, along with it tells the readability score.

2. Google Search Console
Google Search Console is the free SEO tool by Google which helps a lot in SEO optimization. In google search console you will get to know how many clicks and impressions you are getting along with keyword through users coming on your website. You can add those keywords in the title and description tag to optimize the SEO and maximize your click-through rate (CTR).

3. Quicksprout
Quicksprout is a free SEO tool which can break down all the things which are wrong in terms of SEO. Quicksprout will tell you which keyword is the best for your webpage. If you did not put a right keyword in your Title tag, description then Quicksprout will help to optimize your meta tags with putting right keyword.

Screaming Frog is the super technical free SEO tool. You can put your URL and you will get to know every little thing that I wrong in terms of SEO. like titles headings, links, keywords etc. Screaming frog analyses every single thing to optimize your SEO.
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5. Google Page Speed Insights
Google page insights is a free SEO tool by Google which tell you about the speed of your website for desktop and for the mobile phone as well. If your website speed is not optimized then do not worry. It shows you the list of the thing which you need to fix to optimize the website load time.

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Best Mobile Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses

The Focus of all digital marketer & businesses in this mobile-friendly era should be to target the audience who use smartphones and tablets as their primary device. Mobile is booming channel as there are more mobile or smartphones users than web users. There is no doubt that for any small business to get success & presence in online channels, mobile marketing is necessary to use. You just need to include mobile marketing strategies in your business.

What Is Mobile Marketing?
Mobile Marketing is the part of online or Digital marketing technique which allows businesses to reach a target audience who mostly use smartphones & mobiles rather than targeting the larger audience.
In other words, mobile marketing is the way of creating the business presence in the way that is optimized for smartphones & other mobile devices. With the help of this multichannel digital marketing strategy, any small business can achieve more return & revenue using mobile apps, QR code, messages, social media channels, and websites.
Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is Important?
Here is the list of few consideration & reasons why mobile marketing must be the priority of every small business marketing managers and CMOs.
Time Spent On Mobile Devices Is Increasing
Google’s Mobilegeddon update, Your site should be easy to browse on mobile & responsive. mobile-optimized sites higher than non-optimised sites. Google actively penalizes those websites who are not mobile optimized.
Evolution Of Sms Marketing.
With SMS marketing, businesses can send target messages straight into user’s hands. SMS marketing also increases the chances of converting the customer as people read an SMS message within three minutes of getting a notification. Short Message Service (SMS) will have the more chances to seen by user Higher Than Email.

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Friday, 18 May 2018

Reasons Why Instagram Marketing Is Important For Your Brand

Nowadays, Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most important social media channels around, and if any marketer is not yet using it is missing out something big. Whether you are managing the social media of a big corporation, a small business, or if you are using it for your own personal brand, incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy is a must. So,

if your not really sure why Instagram marketing is important for your brand?

Just have a look at the following points to find out.

Instagram Is Centred On Storytelling:

People love stories. Storytelling is simply a part of human nature. And from a business point of view, telling an interesting story is actually a great way to get emotionally connected with your audience.
Sharing a visual content is the best way to tell your audience what your brand is all about, and building a relationship with potential future customers and brand ambassadors. A customer is greatly influenced by a standard approach in marketing rather than product-centric approach.

Keeping this in mind, it is important to avoid an Instagram feed that pushes products. Instead, focus on feelings! Instagram offers you to build an emotional connection with your audience, and you will see an overall impact on the success of your business overall – from visibility through to sales and returning customers.

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Ways To Generate Facebook Leads Without Running Ads

To be very useful for companies, Facebook has made it easier for merchants and business owners to generate facebook leads. If you want to get to the heart of your genetic potency with your online marketing and generate Facebook leads, consider using these techniques.

Top Ways To Generate Facebook Leads Even Without Running Ads

1. Post links to your offer landing pages directly on your page

Sometimes, nothing works as well as a direct marketing strategy. So, if you have an e-book to share or a tempting offer for your audience, it’s good to give them a preview on your Facebook page with links that take them directly to the offers page. However, be clear about the communication so that you and your clients get what they want.

2. Repost blogs that generate the most leads

If some loved it, it is likely that some more will love it too. Do not hesitate to publish old publications that gave you good traction before, a second or even a third time.

3. Upload photos with links to landing pages and blogs

We all know that images work like hooks in social networks. An excellent way to take advantage of this is by using images from your blog posts and homepages while posting them on Facebook, which leads the reader to the original blog post or to the homepage when you click on them. The key here is not to share the blog as a link in the timeline of your page, but to share the photo and link it to the blog or page within the description of the photo.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Free Social Media Marketing Tool: Which Can Takes Your Business Up

Free Social Media Marketing tool can help the business in this vastly competitive market which can save your money as well as time. The social media marketing very important task in the Digital Marketing strategy.

There are following free social media marketing tool to grow your business:

1. Hubspot:
Hub spot topic generator, If you are confused for your blog topic that, this tool can help you for that. This tool will think of ideas for you. You have to just fill three terms on which you want to write the blog and this tool will come up with some blog titles with couples of seconds.

2. Post Creator:
In this free social media marketing tool you can upload the images and insert the messages and add the logo to create the more engaging post for your social media users, even you can create the post as per the social media platforms, after creating the post you can share your post form this tool on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn.

3. Canva:
Canva is another tool for social media marketing, where you can create the facebook, twitter, Google plus cover banners and apart from his you can create the brochure and other templates, Canva provides the sample designs to you, you can edit those designs as per your requirements.

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