Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Master Your SEO Needs

Best WordPress SEO plugins
WordPress is world’s one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS). It has a global market share of around 50 to 60% along with 70 million websites using this system to handle their web content. Moreover, there is a lot of competition in the landscape of SEO and thus, you may need a number of WordPress SEO plugins to get ahead of the pack in the digital space.
Luckily, there are a tonnes of WordPress SEO plugins you can use to achieve higher rankings. In fact, there are more than 40 thousand WordPress SEO plugins available to use.
However, we’ve narrowed down this number to 8 best and most vital WordPress SEO plugins.
Most Sturdy and Essential WordPress SEO plugins
WordPress SEO by Yoast:
It deserves to be on the top of every SEO Plugins list. It because it’s the most downloaded SEO plugin for WordPress of all times. It’s a comprehensive solution for all your on-page SEO requirements.
With this, you can add SEO title, meta description, and meta keywords to each blog post and page of your website.
It allows you to write the custom file for your main site, category & tag pages and archives. Additionally, it adds Twitter Cards, Sitemaps, Open Graph meta data and ping search engines as well whenever you update your website.
It’s a tool that digital marketers use to collect analytics and insights from their competitor’s website to improve their own SEO.
It can help you in learning a lot of things that can provide you with instant SEO help. You can learn about organic keywords which need to be ranked, places you can obtain backlinks from, insights into your competitor’s marketing strategies, and much more.
However, it’s a paid subscription and thousands of SEO professionals use this tool all over the world. SEMrush can provide you with an immense wealth of data.
Google Keyword Planner:
Not a single platform can give you enough insights into what people search than search giant Google. It’s a free tool that Google offers to advertisers and anyone can use it. The main purpose of its is to show advertisers the keywords they can bid on for their PPC ad campaigns. Additionally, keyword planner helps advertisers to select prime keywords by showing an estimate of search volume, difficulty level and a number of results.
Google Keyword Planner is one of the finest tools for content marketers and bloggers. They can use its data to find keywords with high advertiser interest and search volume.
As of now, it is one of the best free keyword tool available for you. It offers you to generate keyword ideas by just typing in a keyword in the search bar. As a matter of fact, Google’s auto suggests feature collects all these keyword suggestions.
This tool is extremely fast, and more importantly, it’s free for anyone to use. You can make use of this brilliant tool to optimize content on your WordPress Site. Added to this, you can find keyword suggestions with it from YouTube, Bing and App Store as well.
LinkPatrol is a premium WordPress SEO plugin which allows you to take control of all the links to your website.
You can track all the outgoing links on your website, inspect which links are giving away link juice and more.
It’s quick and can efficiently clean up all your spammy links, anchor text and link juice problems with an interactive and fast user interface.
In Summary:
As mentioned above that there are more than 40 thousand WordPress SEO plugins to use, the concern should be to choose the most effective ones. And included plugins in this article are the most result-driven and vital WordPress plugins for SEO. Furthermore, you don’t have to agree with what we say, instead, you can check yourself by making use of one or more tools in this article.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

5 Modern SEO Practices For Amazing SEO Results

Best SEO practices for greater SEO results
When it comes to the website development, it’s all about following the right SEO practices. SEO is the most vital and effective way to bring new visitors to your site.
There is no secret method to achieve higher rankings in Google or other major search engines. Nevertheless, you can easily achieve great results and dramatically increase your website’s organic traffic by implementing following modern SEO practices.
In this article, find SEO practices and tips that will help you take your website to a whole new level.
Best SEO Practices and Tips for the Website Development
Produce Only High-Quality Content:
No matter in what niche you are in, when writing an article, always outline helpful and actionable guidance. If you provide your users with informative and engaging content, it will automatically reach to the masses. If people find your content worthy, they will share it with their business and friend circles as well.
As a matter of fact, Google prefers lengthy and well-written articles as a ranking factor.
And to write the best articles related to your niche, conduct a research and check what keywords are ranking high in Google. Find posts that are trending on social media and also attracting considerable backlinks.
Indeed, you need to produce only high- quality content that can attract a number of visitors to your website. Although, you can take help of a content marketing agency to hand out your content marketing related needs. However, you need to find the best Content Marketing Agency for that. If you assign an agency without performing a research on it, things may not work out in your favor.
Use Attracting Titles and Meta Descriptions:
Titles and meta descriptions play an important role in SEO. They carry an immense value from a user’s POV. Both outline a lot about your article. They are the factors that force a user to click and enter to read your article or blog post. Thus, it becomes necessary to have unique titles and meta descriptions for each post you publish on the Internet.
Avoid 404 Errors on your Website:
Not only they ruin your rankings, but they destroy the user experience as well. And this ultimately can affect your website’s SEO performance.
You can find numerous WordPress plugins that can help you find 404 pages on your site. One of the best plugins used is called Permalink Finder. This plugin can easily find when a user on a 404 page on your site. Additionally, it goes through your database and redirects the user to a web page that has the content the user was looking for.
Increase the Speed of your Website:
Now, your website loading speed counts as one of the vital ranking factors in Google. Studies tell that most users wait for 2 seconds, if the loading time crosses 5 seconds, you lose chance of seeing those users on the page or website again.
To speed up your website, use Google PageSpeed Insights tool or Pingdom Tools. Moreover, incorporating AMP (accelerated mobile pages) is also a great option.
Use Simple and Effective URLs:
Your URL’s must include your main keywords. Further, make sure you keep them short and understandable. Try limiting the number of characters as much as possible. Make use of hyphens instead of underscores and try maintaining a consistency.
Wrapping Up:
There are numerous SEO practices you can use to increase traffic to your website, but they could be time-taking. Moreover, it could be possible that you may not know how to make proper use of them. But the included SEO practices in this articles are easy to implement and proven to provide effective results. Thus, if you are looking for some instant, amazing SEO results, make use of them and analyze the results.

Friday, 21 July 2017

3 Interesting Features Of Google Analytics You Barely Knew

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful and a very useful tool that helps you analyze and manage your website. It a free tool offered by Google that incorporates some very handy features and displays site metrics and performances over different dimensions.
Some of the main features of Google Analytics tool are:
  • Track website Audience
  • Track Website Traffic
  • User Behaviour Analysis
  • Site Content Analysis
Now, let me walk you through some very useful features that you barely use.
Create Custom Channel
Under the acquisition, there is an option for Channel Grouping, I don’t see people using that. But, it is something I find very useful while reporting to clients. You might already be familiar with the “Channels” report which displays your traffic distribution among various sources. viz. Organic Search, Direct, Social and so on.
But, something very interesting in this segment is that you can define your own channel. The only thing you need to do is to go to the “Admin” and choose “Channel Settings” and click on “Channel Grouping.” Click on the “New Channel Grouping” button. Now you just need to name this channel grouping and define anything from the given parameters which are highly customizable. This will help you track your traffic based on the defined parameters.
Customize the Existing Standard Reports
Google Analytics allows you to set a range of standard reports with only a few clicks. But in some of the cases, you might find metrics missing from the report. Instead of creating a new customized report, you can use a shortcut that lets you base a new report as per the existing standard reports. All you need to do is click the “Customize” button at the top of one of the reports build upon.
Select Entire Month in just one Click
There is a very intuitive feature in the calendar which is used to select the date range. Generally, users select the range clicking on every date. But, Google Analytic allows you to select entire date range within a month in just one click. All you need to do is click on the month name above the calendar and it will select entire days of a month.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Most Operative SEO Audit Tools For Higher Visibility

SEO Audit Tools
When it comes to making your business seen to the masses in the digital space, SEO counts as one of the vital pillars. And the technical side of SEO is another part that can’t be ignored for that. Now, this has become a more important area of focus for digital marketers. So, to make this technical side work, you may need some operative SEO audit tools.
We have compiled a list of SEO audit tools that you will need to conduct an SEO audit of your website.
Most sought-after SEO Audit Tools
Screaming Frog:
Screaming Frog is a tool that should be on the top of every digital marketer’s SEO audit tools list. It’s a tool that takes a domain and crawls through its pages in the same manner a search engine does. Further, it pulls out almost everything out that’s pertinent to a site’s SEO performance. Additionally, it’s a great on-page SEO tools as well.
From a technical SEO audit point of view, it can point out areas that might be having issues. It can highlight incorrect canonicalization (page and domain level), internal redirects, meta robot errors, duplicated pages on unfamiliar URLs and much more. Believe us, it’s worth having on your list as it can be extremely useful in identifying and resolving site issues.
SEMRush SEO Audit:
If you have ever conducted an SEO audit for your site, you might have heard of it and how good it can be. Honestly, we recommend you give it a go!
It crawls through a domain from the web browser and outlines an online report to show the potential site errors and issues. Later, it shows them in an easy-to-read format along with export options for reporting and offline analysis.
Moreover, the most exciting feature of this tool is its historical and comparative sections. These sections allow you to see whether the changes to the site have had a negative or positive effect on its SEO potential.
It is particularly useful when you want to spot unexpected changes to a site made by someone else.
Pingdom DNS Check:
Sometimes, incorrectly set up DNS servers can cause downtime and crawl errors. The tool that should be used to check a site’s DNS health is Pingdom Tools DNS tester.
What it does, it performs a check across every level of a site’s DNS and creates a report of warnings and errors in its setup.
With the help of this tool, you can easily find anything at DNS level that could possibly cause site downtime, usability problems and crawl errors.
After using it and experiencing its benefits, you will surely praise this tool and recommend it to others.
This should be a must-have tool in your technical SEO audit arsenal as a site’s speed really does matter.
A fast site means bots crawling more of a site. On the other hand, it keeps your users happy and it can help you improve rankings as well.
This absolutely free online on-page SEO tool checks over a page and suggests you the areas that need improvization to increase page load times. They can be on-page site speed updates and server level site speed changes that if you implement can have some real impact on your site.
Besides, this tool has an interesting waterfall visual that tells you which elements are causing slow load times.
Google Webmaster Tools:
No brainer here! Google Webmaster Tools is one great resource that outlines a lot about the on-page, technical health and link of a site.
GWMTs can provide you with the information that can help you identify crawl errors, structured data errors, review indexed pages, sitemap status and blocked resources.
Having so much useful features, Google Webmasters Tools is one of the best choices to be on have on the list of your SEO audit tools.
Wrapping Up:
These are the  SEO audit tools that can help you in achieving higher visibility along with removing potential errors and issues of your site. You may not need to use all of these at once. First, make use of one or two SEO audit tools and analyze the results.
However, there are numerous tools available online to help you perform an SEO audit. But the tools included in this article are the most usable and result-oriented.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Hiring The Best SEO Company For SERP Dominance

best SEO company
Being seen effectively on the search engines is one of the vital ways to increase website traffic and expose content, services or products to the masses. And only the Best SEO company in your region can do that. They can increase web traffic along with ranking most of your results higher on SERPs.
The world of search engine optimization can be confusing for your business. But, as soon as you start searching for the best SEO service providers, you start getting a lot of emails from SEO agencies.
How can you determine the best SEO company for your business? What characteristics do you need to consider? What aspects do you need to pay attention at while hiring the best SEO company? To get the answers to these questions, follow this guide.
Finding the Best SEO Company For Businesses
Examine the Company’s SEO:
It necessarily doesn’t mean by their ranks. Because if an agency is new, or is in a really competitive niche, its results may not rank on the top of SERPs. Especially, if it’s an agency that uses only white-hat SEO, it could take years to have strong, consistent rankings. However, if you search by the name, it should be the first result. Further, check the meta description and see if it makes sense. See, how does it rank locally?
Getting answers to these basic SEO questions can you give an important insight about an agency, leading you to a better decision.
What does The Portfolio Say?
A company’s portfolio is the past work database that can tell you a lot about you the company’s work experience and results.
A proficient SEO agency would list companies it works with, case studies, online reviews, etc.
More importantly, don’t get fooled by logos of big names on Companies’ pages. This is a trick companies use more often than not. They use big names to influence the users. It’s because they think nobody would check this. Thus, ask them for links and referrals to sites they have worked with, and verify!
Check Offering Packages of The SEO company
If an agency offers you packages like “15 keywords for $500” or any sort of standardized pricing then this is not the firm you are looking for. Such SEO agencies won’t work for your best interest. They will just plug you into the system and that’s it.
In fact, the Best SEO company will do an in-depth examination before offering you a quote. Moreover, a reputed and responsible firm will have no limits on keywords. Because it’s a non-issue for a web marketing company as limiting the keywords means they won’t be the best working to market you.
Imagine a car mechanic quoting you a low price even without looking at the car and finding out how much work it needs to be done. This can give an idea that how much important it is to consider pricing as a factor while looking for the Best SEO company. Bottom line, try to avoid SEO companies with cost-effective offerings.
Find a Company that Cares:
A good SEO company will do its best to understand your customer base, needs, present SEO position and your goals. They will not guarantee you for first page results, they will lay out reasonable goals.
In Summary:
SEO agencies are famous to take businesses to the masses so they can grow effectively in the online space. But, equally, its important to ensure that you are getting the best services. At one pick, you cannot select an SEO firm. This asks research and attention on a few aspects to get the best SEO company for your business.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Great Social Media Management Tools For Increased Productivity

best social media management tools for businesses

Social Media, a sure-short way to increase that little business you’ve put time & effort at. Having these today is as important as a workplace for lyour start-up. As the world lives online, it’s necessary for your work to be out there on the World Wide Web for the users to witness. Thus, aiming to have popular & trendy social media accounts should be in your prime checklist. Here are some social media management tools you can use to manage your social media accounts in order to increase productivity.
Some of the Best Social Media Management Tools
This is probably the most effective & usable social media management tool so far. It’s an automation site that helps you share posts on multiple social media with the help of recipes. It’s a free & easy to use service, after you sign up. Supports variety of social media channels from twitter to blogger. And can be operated from both desktop & mobile.
It’s a twitter based management tool that helps you sort-out the matter that will be effective. It helps you arrange your feed, Schedule Tweets, Manage Notifications etc. Only problem, it’s a tool that only supports desktop browsers.
Buffer lets you post any form of content on various social media throughout the day. In fact, it helps you post continuously on your social media accounts like on a regular interval. With proper statistics about how your post is receiving views. Hence, it is considered one of the most effective and result-driven social media management tools as of now.
One of the fastest growing social media management tool. It helps you form an interactive relationship with your viewers. In addition, you can use your multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard. Although this can cost you up to $59/month.
It has a black and white interface which simplifies social media posting and make your social media marketing a breeze. Moreover, you can connect many social media channels in one go. Just log in and in the top right corner you can add accounts and select which updates to post. In fact, you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and Tumblr accounts.
Hootsuite counts as an enterprise level social media management tools, being used by more than 10 million professionals. It helps you schedule and analyze your social media marketing campaigns. Furthermore, it has a number of team tools that can help your team create content for eminent social media networks.
Wrapping Up:
Being in the online space and not managing your social media activities accurately and continuously can give your business enough harm. Moreover, some activities on social media are time-taking and tedious. There comes the need to use some effective social media management tools. And if you use these tools together, it could become a important social media strategy for your business.
Thus, we have comprised this list of some of the result-driven and essential social media management tools. They are famous for streamlining social media activities for all size of businesses.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Influential SEO Techniques For Beginners To Rank In SERP

Most helpful SEO techniques for beginners
In reality, SEO is not a rocket science. Many think it as one of the most time-taking things in digital marketing. Because many marketers have proposed such theories that SEO is tough and can’t be done easily. In fact, it’s a simple and easy process. In this article, there are SEO techniques for beginners that can make you believe that it’s not that tough.

We have compiled some fundamental SEO techniques for beginners, so they can easily learn how to rank their results on Google.
A thorough guide to SEO techniques for Beginners
How does SEO work?
Yes, it’s meant to increase traffic to your website, but this is not the only reason it is in existence. The real purpose of SEO is to help those people who are looking for you. In order to do that, you need to match the content of your website to what people are trying to find.
In a nutshell:
Jenny sells hand-made wedding dresses, and she is so excellent in it. On her blog, she shows how she makes the dresses by hand, often talking about different techniques as well. Fortunately, there is less competition for keywords related to her niche. Additionally, Jenny is producing some rich quality content about it. So, she won’t face many problems in getting first page rankings on search engines for her wedding dresses.
Do you find the problem?
Yes, she has got good rankings on the SERP. However, the potential problem here is, she will get the traffic, but that won’t convert into sales. Because it’s rare that people look for hand-made wedding dresses, thus, her results would come up in SERP because of the less competition in the niche.
The lesson learned:
Match your goals with your visitors’ goals. Understand what they are looking for. Yes, people would search for hand-made wedding dresses, but it’s highly unlikely they will make a purchase. Indeed, optimize your goals with people’s goals and then optimize your keywords accordingly for both increased traffic and converted sales. And to find such keywords, research!
Know How to Find the Right Keywords?
Agreed, conducting research is a bit tedious. But it’s an indispensable part to find the exact keywords.
Types of keywords you may look for:
  • High search volume keywords (People looking for the keywords most).
  • Low search volume keywords (to rank keywords and create authority, initially).
  • Keywords related to your content.
Long Tail Keywords:
It’s a phenomenon that describes, a lot of low traffic keywords can collectively send you immense traffic than a few high-traffic keywords.
When conducting research on long tail keywords, not only focus on the ones getting massive traffic. Take note of keywords that are less popular as well. And incorporate them into your SEO strategy.
Creating the Content:
After completing the research on keywords, the next step is to create some compelling content.
Search engines send bots that are efficient to crawl your website automatically. They send them to “read” it to figure out what your content is about and then decide which keywords each of your pages should rank.
You can even influence the decisions by bots by optimizing your content with keywords.
It’s true that bots can’t read. It’s simple for bots to analyze and interpret texts, but they haven’t become advanced enough yet to watch videos, look at images, or to listen audio content. Thus, you have to describe your content to bots in order to rank your pages for the keywords.
Writing solely for search engines is just not recommended at all. It makes your content boring and it doesn’t help in converting your visitors into customers as well.
For that, pay attention to:
  • Titles – Create compelling titles that can evoke the interest of a reader, This is the first and only chance you get to make an impression.
  • Keywords – Find keywords that can bring more people to your site and stay relevant to your niche.
  • Links – Try to link to sites that will compliment your content.
  • Quality – Publish engaging and quality content.
And most importantly, try not to publish someone else’s content. Google can penalize your site for attempting black-hat SEO. However, you can take help of content marketing services to make this process faster.
Wrapping It Up:
It’s a tedious and time-taking process, but it’s worth it. It can make or break your business. If you are new in the digital space, above mentioned SEO techniques for beginners can help you begin your business effectively. Start with these for assuring success, then gradually explore new things. Make use of this guide of SEO techniques for beginners and be found easily on the internet.