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Digital Marketing Service Providers | Digital Marketing Agency in India

When we talk about Digital Marketing, we are thrown up with zillions of options. From building diverse business verticals to creating a top-notch industry base, Digital Marketing Service Providers have everything on their list. Since the competition has drastically increased between the companies, it has carved a path for Digital Marketing Experts to swing their magic wands. Thus, it is necessary for you to find one for your business to further enhance its online success.
How can a Digital Marketing Service Agency Help You? Develop a strong SEO Strategy
A digital marketing agency can build powerful SEO framework for your website. It’s essential because Google now considers rich quality content and engaging web pages for receiving more organic traffic. Therefore, an efficient Search Engine Optimization will always be one of the vital ranking factors that ranks your results.

Provide Digital Marketing Solutions

It all depends on your business requirements. You might need Content Marketing Services, social media marketing, and search engine marketing altogether at once. However, if you have just stepped afresh into the digital sphere, you might be needing digital marketing services from the scratch.

Conduct a Detailed Market Research

It is imperative to analyze the quality and importance of conducting a thorough market research. Digital Marketing Service Providers, on the other hand, oversee your marketing goals thereby preventing you to dive into the hardest sales pitch. Thus, it’s vital to have a prompt knowledge of the latest trends and technicalities so that you can stay ahead of your rivals.

Why Choose Us As The Best Option Amongst Digital Marketing Service Providers?

Oodles Marketing is gradually becoming a well-known name as a competent Digital Marketing Company in India by offering a wide vertical of Digital Marketing Services. Further, this is helping us in gaining a reputable name in this niche. Surrounded by the best professionals, we constantly aim to provide affordable and transparent Digital Marketing Solutions throughout. Not just that, we have built our objectives as per the requirements of our valuable customers, fulfilling and flexible at the same time! Contact us to know more about our services, we will be glad to help you.

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4 Things To Check If You Observe A Sudden Web Traffic Drop

Have you faced a sudden web traffic drop without any valid reason? No need to worry and let’s starts with the postmortem of the expected issues and get back on the track with a new zeal. Here I am going to tell you the 5 things to check if your traffic suddenly drops.
The main cause of the drop down in the traffic is easy to find. First of all what you all need is to gather the evidence first. You need to check is your fall in traffic because of any long holidays, seasonal change or not and on the other note to get it to confirm that your Google analytics code is correctly activated or not.

When you get confirmed about the above error not occurring, then you need to find out the main cause and make it correct as soon as possible.

4 Things To Check When Sudden Web Traffic Drop Happens:

 1) Prominent Changes To Your Site

Any recent change in the design of your website or change in the URLs of your service pages or change in the URLs of the blog can cause the origin of crawl errors that will lead to the indexation and concerns.

First, go to Crawl > Crawl Errors in your Google Search Console (GSC) and examine the graphs closely to spot any abrupt changes after the renovation.

2) Manual web index punishment

In case you violate the Google policies intentionally or not, once you are caught by Google’s human reviewers you will get a direct message on your account regarding the same.

You can be punished for nasty and superfluous connections on pages of your site that permit client created content. Encourage preventive treatment would be controlled, hostile to spam measures like a reCAPTCHA module or defaulting the UG substance to “.”

3) Update In Google Algorithm

Google is advancing without a break: it changes and moves something out now and then. On the off chance that activity decrease compares to any refresh rollout, examine the components activating it.
New center updates (and to understood ) would ordinarily be everywhere throughout the SEO news, so you ought to have the capacity to discover what they are about.

Barely engaged and specialty particular updates, in any case, may not escape, so it’s a smart thought to watch out for SERP vacillations for your specialty catchphrases to recognize any unordinary shakeups. Rank Tracker is there to help: in the base tab of the Rank Tracking module, you can go to SERP Analysis and snap to Record SERP Data. The apparatus will assemble the best 30 pages for your keywords with each positioning check and collect the outcomes in the SERP History table.

4) Loss Of Valuable Backlinks

Loss of your valuable backlinks may affect your SEO ranking on SERP that will lead to the sudden web traffic drop. As we all know that due to the loss of backlinks mostly affect your keywords and pages Back in SEO SpyGlass, you can look through the Summary section to see if the Backlink Progress graph went down recently.

Once you completed the process of finding links (lost backlinks) you can request to the site owners to get back your valuable backlinks.

So, these were the four things you should be using if sudden web traffic drop is making you crazy and there seems to be no way out.

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How To Use Google's Structured Data Markup Helper For Your Business

Structured data or Schema Markup is an integral part of technical SEO which can significantly boost your search engine rankings. Using Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper demands a little learning but believe me, anyone can do it! Although it does not primarily require an in-depth coding knowledge but if you do know that part, kudos! Being aware of the technicalities will make your journey fairly simple and smooth. Therefore, I would definitely recommend you to learn about the importance of structured data for improving your search traffic results.

I do know Google’s Structured Data sounds really complex but surprisingly, it is very easy to implement. This will only add a new skill set to your SEO knowledge and will thereby help your page enhance its rankings. So let us dive in and know more about how exactly can it be beneficial for your business.

Everything you need to know about Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper:

 What is Structured data?

Structured data, also known as Schema Markup is a small snippet of code that allows search engine bots to crawl through your website content. This content is finally sorted, categorized, and displayed in your web page’s search rankings.

It also communicates with the search engines about your data. Without schema markup, it gets tricky for the search engines to determine the availability of your data. Let’s take an example to understand this more clearly.

Suppose, you have to feed in contact information for your organization. This will work good for any human but will still be unclear for the search engine to know what the raw data is for. However, if you use structured data, you can tell Google that the information provided is not just any random data but contact details of a company.

You can use this markup to do that:
Understand that Google’s structured data markup helper was devised to assist users. It undoubtedly looks complicated but ultimately, it was developed to guide us in a better way. A complex schema markup might look like this:
You can find the detailed information about it on
Now, let me tell you about the classifications.

Types of Schema Markup To Use

As per Google, there are mainly three types of structured data.
  • JSON-LD (the recommended)
I am providing here a table-courtesy from the search engine giant, Google.
Now, if you are wondering about JSON-LD being the recommended format, let me tell you the difference. RDFa and Microdata are static but JSON-LD is dynamic and can be placed on the page of your website. In other words, structured data in JSON-LD is simple and flexible for developers to work and easy for search engine bots to comprehend.

Important Schema Markup Terms: Itemscope

It is the most common and frequent schema terms. It basically categorizes your content based on a specific topic. This helps the search engines to recognize that all the content under Itemscope tag belongs to the same topic.


This tag further categorizes your information and content. The Itemtype tag will tell the search engines about ‘what type’ and ‘what kind’ of content, it is about.

This category enables the user to define certain features and specifications that an item has. Essentially, the Itemprop tag reflects some additional information about the topic.
When you are putting all of these terms into practice, it will help search engines to organize your content more accurately.
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Using Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper For Your Website

Google empowers structured data markup helper to assist webmasters to include schema markup to their web pages without any hurdles. If you somehow have the knowledge of HTML, it will be more like a child’s play!

Additionally, it is still much simpler to use. First, you have to go to Google Structured Data Markup Helper homepage.

Select and check the website tab.
And yes, you can surely markup your emails with this feature as well!

Next, just select and copy the URL of the web page that you want to mark up. You then have to paste the selected link to the URL box at the bottom of the page.

In case if you have HTML, paste the corresponding code in the provided box.
In the next step, you have to select any one of the ten categories provided by Google. You might find the selections to be a little less but ultimately your content will somehow match to any one of them.
Let us choose the type as ‘Article’ for an instance.
When you are finished with all of that, click on the tab ‘Start Tagging’.
On the next page, you will notice two divisions. The left side is for your content page or HTML code and towards the right is the schema markup tool. If you want to mark something, highlight the text and a markup tag box will pop up.
All the changes will be reflected in the right division under “My Data Items”. Also, the whole process will be similar no matter whatever type of content you wish to mark up.
After you are done with marking up all the things on your page, click on the “Create HTML” button.
Now you will come across an important step. Opt for JSON-LD after clicking on the microdata tab. As already discussed, JSON-LD is Google’s most recommended structured data so make sure you select this.

In case if you opt for Microdata, you will need to select the generated HTML Code. Afterward, paste the code that is reflected in the HTML file.
So basically, the schema markup, which is written in HTML has to be moved in your source code. It further depends on whether your site has static or non-static pages.

Points to Note: If you are working on a CMS or some other template engine opting for Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper can be a little canny to use. You will have to recognize the specific HTML fragments to substitute and it solely depends on the page structure or the platform used.

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PPC Management Services | PPC Advertising Agency in India

PPC Management Services | PPC Advertising Agency in India: Oodles Marketing is a blooming PPC Advertising Agency in India providing eminent PPC Management Services and solutions. We are here to optimize your ads, provide right keywords and build effective strategy to increase your leads, conversions, and ROI simultaneously.

PPC Management Services | PPC Advertising Agency in India

It takes a lot of effort and time to build an effective PPC Campaign to lure visitors and turn them into permanent consumers. An effective pay-per-click strategy will ensure immediate visibility, instant targeted traffic, and a better ROI. If you want your business to reach on top of the line, then PPC Management Services are the best available options for you. These services not only can improve the page ranking of your website but offer increased brand awareness and more business opportunity.

What are the different PPC Services offered by a Google Adwords Management Company

PPC Optimization
Cost-per-click optimization can help you to manage, test, rectify and significantly improve frameworks that reside inside a pay per click marketing campaign.

PPC Audit
It is the foremost step to get started on any PPC project. Pay-per-click audits can help you improve on certain areas so that you can prioritize them and work on your account.

PPC Keyword Research
Pay-per-click advertising programs like Google Adwords can help you to drive targeted customers to your services. A keyword planner can help you to optimize and build your content to increase leads and conversion rate.

PPC Ad Copy and Design
It is a very crucial aspect of pay-per-click advertising package and PPC Management Services. An attractive Ad is what catches your visitors attention, therefore, creating an efficient Ad Copy and landing page is what you need to enhance sales.

PPC Assessment and Consulting
A Digital Marketing Expert can provide you a detailed report of how your Ad Campaigns are performing. The analysis will include fundamentals like ROI tracking, keyword selection, conversions and price per acquisition.

Why Choose Us As The Best Provider Of PPC Management Services?
Oodles Marketing has now become a reliable name in the arena of PPC advertisements. Not only that, we are one of the fastest growing PPC management companies in India. With a variety of pay-per-click management services to opt for, we ensure that best and affordable packages are presented to our happy customers. Besides, if you are searching to get the maximum output from pay-per-click advertising campaigns, our professionals can help you achieve your goal with a hassle-free and ultra-smooth experience!

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5 Ways To Create A Best Digital Marketing Strategy

Having a solid as well as a best Digital Marketing Strategy is very crucial in today’s world. With both customers and competitors being constantly online, digital marketing is the only method to win the war. Remember, your brand’s success depends on the correct strategy which in turn will lead to long-term growth and higher sales.
As per the research, 46% of the companies do not have a defined digital marketing strategy and 16% of them have not integrated into their systems yet. To break through the clutter, the CMOs need to adopt viable techniques and plans to ensure they can excel in this digital landscape.

How to create a Best Digital Marketing Strategy?

Here is a list of five simple yet powerful Digital Marketing Strategies that will help your brand grow.

Set a Goal

Define an overall objective of your mission first. You might be looking for techniques to help your small business expand and grow. This might include driving more customers, attaining more visibility or getting ahead of the competition. Whatever scenario that might be, having a direct goal in your mind greatly increases your chance of performing well in the industry.
Similarly, if your mission is to become the best Digital Marketing Service Providers in India, setting a goal will greatly help you to achieve that!

Update and Work on your SEO more often

You might be creating outstanding products or delivering amazing services, but how will you make them reach the right audience?

Search engine optimization (SEO) can remarkably help your business reach the potential buyers who are also searching for the same products. Since Google updates its algorithm more than five hundred times per year, you should work on enhancing your optimization techniques. Also, Digital Marketing Experts significantly recommend updating your SEO once every four months.
Search for the keywords that are making your brand more discoverable and approachable. Diving in the trends and getting out of it at the correct time will help you to stay on top of the search pages.

Prioritize high-quality blogging

When it comes to creating content, many organizations focus on quantity rather than quality. Well, sadly this is a very bad practice when planning to opt for the best digital marketing strategy.
In accordance with SEO rules, a relevant and positive content will drive more traffic to your website than posting otherwise. As per studies, a company that creates high-quality blogs generates 67% more leads than organizations who don’t. A regular content creation will give an image to the search engines that your website is active and will thereby improve your search results.
Furthermore, blogging also adds to your brand’s image and voice. To make it more searchable, an efficient digital marketing framework will help a lot.

Do not Underestimate the power of Social Media

Social Media has undoubtedly become one of the most eminent steps in digital marketing. You first need to research and find out the online platforms where you can easily reach your target audience. Engaging with the users and customers will ensure that you care for them. Indulge in conversations, chats and reply to their feedbacks timely to get an idea where do your services stand. According to statistics, around 70% of consumers agreed to have used social media for customer care solutions on at least one occasion.

Almost every digital agency is using social platform to increase their brand awareness and increase more leads and sales. Therefore, it is a powerful floor to display your efficiency of products and services and its usefulness to the users.

Generating a call-to-action plan

When a user lands to your website, they are likely to be looking for the solutions that you provide. Therefore, creating a call-to-action (CTA) can benefit you by gathering more information and user’s interests.

Now if you are wondering what a CTA is, it is a text or an image that prompts a visitor to take actions like requesting a product demo, view a webinar or subscribe to a newsletter. You should design CTAs to direct users to pages where you can collect their details in exchange for marketing offers. A good and optimized CTA should be attractive enough that your lead your potential user to opt for your marketing services. When you plan to develop a best digital marketing strategy, note that even little efforts matter the most!

If you are still not clear how to work on it altogether, contact us. We are always here to help you!

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PPC Management Company | Pay Per Click Management services

If you ever land yourself into a PPC argument, you will notice that in-house PPC management and third-party PPC agencies are the main hot topics. By the end of the discussion, you will come to a conclusion that the in-house argument fails to hold water every time they are compared. In particular, hiring a PPC Management Company is universally considered to bear more fruits than opting for an in-house management.

What are the Benefits of hiring a PPC Management Agency? Exclusive focus on PPC Management

An in-house PPC manager has a large number of duties that are not related to PPC. They have to manage their company’s PPC account as well as host webinars, deal with payrolls, and report to management regarding employee productivity, and numerous other things. Consequently, this removes the concentration from the main objective that is- an effective PPC Strategy. Whereas, Pay Per Click Management services need constant attention to run accurately.

PPC has an ever-changing world:

While in-house PPC managers carry a lot of other responsibilities, a PPC management company only concentrates on the art of PPC. An agency works accordingly with global search trends and keeps oneself updated. Besides, they have time and zeal to learn the nuances of the market. Since there are many variations in Google Adwords and Adcenter, there should be some time dedicated to learning about those variations and changes, and how they can influence an account.

Experience and excellence altogether:

In a nutshell, experts who handle PPC advertising all day long know more thoroughly about the industry. They know how to extract maximum benefits out of those changes, act upon trends, crunch data, and manipulate the system.

Why Choose Us As The Best Preference For PPC Management Company?

Oodles Marketing acquires enough experience needed to bring out the best of PPC advertising, Adwords Campaign management, and Adwords advertising. We have a team of excellent PPC managers, who are always on toes for the challenges in the landscape of PPC advertising. Thus, making us one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing Agencies in India. We owe a lot to our skilled professionals who keep us striving in the long list of PPC Service Providers. If you are still not sure how we can benefit your business, contact us now!

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