Friday, 20 April 2018

Blogging Is More Important Today Than Ever Before

Today, however, everyone from Fortune 500 companies is utilizing blogging to increase their digital presence. Nevertheless, if you are a small business or an IT service company, blogging is a backbone of your online content marketing strategy.

In fact, if your business’s website does not have a blog that is frequently updated, then you are missing a great opportunity to increase your company’s visibility or you.

Few reasons why blogging is needed :

1. Generate traffic to a website:

A relevant blog is useful for your customers as it provides them with the information they are looking for.This can be used as a marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website.
Posting visuals and sharing informative things on the social media sites attracts lots of followers to click on your post, which results in enhanced traffic to the website. Your business may be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or anyplace else. Post links effectively in order to drive more traffic. Encourage your social followers in such a way that they desire to read your post or article.

Additionally, use interlinking strategy on your blog to drive traffic to specific web pages of your website.

2.Increase your SERP:
As we know, fresh content is still a crucial factor to beat your competitors in the search engine results page. Keywords and Titles on your website are a significant way used by Google and other search engine and show the results on the SERP’s
Make sure to use a number of relevant keywords in your article. To do so, create a list of keywords, related topics and then categorize them based on the products and services your offer. Now, the objective is to stuff all the keywords in the articles or blogs to be published.

3.Improve customer relationships:
Websites and the content of it give another source to develop the association with your customers. By interfacing specifically on your site, your customers can become acquainted with your business or item from the solace of your online home base.

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10 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Many ways to Increase traffic to your website Below are some simple method to increase the result of traffic that you are acquiring to your website. Firstly you have to perform On-Page SEO, Get Listed on relevant sites, Engage readers through Social Media post with Hashtags, Target Long-Tail Keywords, Guest Blogging and invite for the guest blog to your website, Never forgot to do Email Marketing and Advertise Online through paid and organically.

1. Advertise On Social Media (Paid & Unpaid), Google Adword
It’s so obvious, We have to firstly look at it. Social media branding paid unpaid search and remarketing through display advertising are all best ways to drive visitors, branding & getting your site around the world. Every paid channel having advantage and disadvantage, so research carefully about your goals before investing money in a paid campaign.
If you want more leads (sales) and want to drive traffic more than expectation, you have to focus on high commercial objective keywords and also these keywords to be a part of paid search strategies. Yes, it will be very costly but it will also beneficial to you because paid search increases your sales in minimum span time.

2. Join Social Media & Be Active and Engaging
All know Social media marketing is the best way to advertise or promote your content but no one tries to be proactive, only peoples are trying to promote unique content that’s not enough. If you are promoting your own product then you have to find the great attraction for readers like attractive images, videos and infographics. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will help you to drive more traffic using those attractions & attractive media.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

What You Should Look For In A Digital Marketing Agency

If you are looking for the perfect Digital Marketing Agency to work for, be sure to look for the next following things to make sure they are the real deal.

1. Experience in the industry
digital marketing agency should have years of experience in the industry. Look for professional credentials and past successes.
Also, do what you can to investigate the individual experience of anyone working for the agency. See what kind of past experience they have in the field and if they have an expertise that qualifies them in the fields of marketing and technology.
In an industry like digital marketing, funds can definitely vary a lot. But by taking the time to determine the experience of a company, you will know who you are working with and if you have what it takes to meet your needs.

2. Recommendations and revisions
In addition to the notes on their experience, the big digital marketing agencies should have many testimonials on their site. An agency which has been in business for a while should have many satisfied customers who can attest to the experience of a business.
You should also seek user opinions on the web. If you see a lot of bad reviews online, you may want to move to the other side. The best sites to search for reviews include Google+, Facebook, Yelp and Better Business Bureau.
Also, ask for recommendations from contacts and friends, as they may have experience with a particular agency that you are considering working with.

3. Proof of satisfied past clients
professional digital marketing agency can put you in touch with references. It is important to evaluate the success that previous clients have had with an agency and communicate with them to obtain opinions about the agency.
An agency can also show you a complete and measured report of what they have achieved for companies in the past and can demonstrate their success and knowledge.
If they can not provide you with concrete evidence of success in the past, they may not be able to help your company achieve results in the present.

4. Digital Presence of the agency
If you choose a digital marketing agency to work for you then you should examine the online presence and marketing efforts of the agency as well. Check if your own site is classified on Google, if your website looks professional and if it seems to be well optimized for SEO.
However, in some cases, keep in mind that this can be misleading. The agency can focus so much on its customers that they can not keep pace with their own site.
While it’s not always the case that the digital presence of an agency reflects how they will manage marketing for your business, it can be a good thing to consider to see if your money is where your mouth is.

5. Skills and specialization
You should also keep in mind that different digital marketing agencies will have different areas of expertise and specializations. Consider what you most need in a relationship and see from there.
For example, if you are a local business, you may need an agency that is well versed in local SEO tactics.
In addition, some agencies will be more focused on helping your business with PPC and paid search tactics, while others will focus solely on search engine marketing (SEM) and SEO.

6. A focused and proven strategy
Any agency that considers it must have solid strategies and operational methods that can clearly explain it. If you ask them about their tactics and they have a weak response or can’t fully describe what they are doing, this may be a warning signal.
A digital marketing agency must have a proven plan which provides measurable achievable results. They should be able to tell you about what they hope to achieve, what they have achieved in the past and how each tactic they use will help your website or company succeed.

7. Costs that are defined by the value
Like the size of an agency, there is not necessarily a correct cost. The correct costs may vary from one agency to another and will depend on your needs. However, you should consider the possible disadvantages of working with a marketing agency that charges too much or too little.
An agency that charges very little for its services may not be able to deliver the results you need. You can get what you pay for and receive a service that is not satisfactory.
On the other hand, an agency that charges too much can also be disappointing. Some agencies charge so much because they rely on a well-marketed brand instead of the value they provide.

8. Access to powerful tools and resources
You should also ask a digital marketing agency what tools they use and what kind of resources are available to them.
A professional marketing agency will use many types of tools to achieve results for your business and do the job well. These tools can be used for analysis, research, development, site optimization, administration or purchase of media.
While smaller agencies will probably have fewer tools than a large marketing company, all professional agencies should have some professional tools they will depend on to market their businesses more effectively.

Final thoughts
Digital marketing could be very crucial for your business. However, it is important that you find an agency that you trust and with which you can establish a relationship
Take the time to search everything and make sure that the digital marketing agency you choose is fully capable of helping your company and getting the job done.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Why Most ICO’s Will Fail: Know The Reasons For Unsuccessful ICO

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) very crucial subject nowadays, so many companies want to raise maximum funds through the ICO. But did you think all the ICO’s raise the funds as per their prediction or they successfully attract the so many ICO investors? Yes, this is the point why so many ICO’s are failing. There are more unsuccessful ICO’s instead of successful ICO’s. There are certain reasons for unsuccessful ICO’s or your ICO might fail.

Some Reason behind unsuccessful ICO.

Project Selection:

Project idea might be a most important thing in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). You should work on your users or audience need, You should analyze what ICO investors are looking for? If your project is not solving the problem of your investors that they will never invest in your ICO. A bad project idea or selection may be the reason for unsuccessful ICO.

Content on the website:

Your website might have rich and communicative content, any ICO investor does not invest in such ICO which do not have more than enough information. ICO investors need to be assured that they are associating with a right platform, without enough content on the website it can be the reason for unsuccessful ICO.

Important Content for ICO website:

  • White Paper: Whitepaper is very important for an Initial Coin Offering website. It includes all the information about your ICO. What you are going to offer to your investors, history of the company, a detailed information about the project.
  • Team Members: There should be informed about the team members, who are associated with the project or company. You can put photographs of your team members along with their name and Linkedin profile link.
  • Road Map: Milestone should be there for any project. You should mention your roadmap of the company and project as well. It will provide the clear vision to the ICO investors.
  • Explanatory Video: Video might be the best way to connect with the users. Project founders should put a video on the website related to the ICO project and how they are going to solve the problem of the ICO investors.

ICO Marketing Strategy:

After a good project idea and well-developed website than it comes to the marketing strategy for a successful ICO. You should create an effective marketing plan for a successful ICO. Right advertising on right platform is very important for a successful ICO. Both online and offline marketing is important for successful ICO.

Budget & Hard Cap:

Marketing plan and strategy depends on the marketing budget for the project, Marketing budget of your ICO project might be affected by your hard cap. If you set the higher hard cap for your ICO project than marketing budget will also be increased so you have to maintain a balance between the hard cap and marketing budget for your ICO project.

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Meta Description Length 2018 – Everything You Need To Know

As we all know that Meta description is very crucial part of On-Page SEO activity and it is a 320 characters snippet (changes in December 2017) that shows by the search engine as a meta description when someone searches searched for the phrase included in the description provided by you.

Optimization of the meta description is important as important to optimize your title. If people search for a phrase and it appears in your meta description then they click your link and redirected to your website, through this process search engine will help you to uplift your link as a part of the ranking.

Now I will let you know the major characteristics or some deep points to write a good meta description that will surely help you to boost your ranking.

1) value of 320 golden characters

Write your meta description wisely, recently Google changed its character limit to 320 from 160 characters. It’s the choice of Google that how much characters it will take to showcase on the search engine because if you make the all word’s first character capital then it might be possible that your limit restricted to less than 320 characters. This will happen as your first capital letter will consume the more space as compared to the small character.

2) It should be a call-to-action (CTA)

In a straight way, it’s a USP (unique selling proposition) that you tell to your prospects and write it in an active voice to invite prospects to your product or service page. Some of the words like “Try it for free”, “first two registrations are free” etc. will help the reader to attract on your page.

3) It should carry the Focus keyword

The Google will be happier if the focus keyword matched the meta description and it will make your link more valuable on the Google SERPs. One thing that you have to keep in your mind is don’t use the focus keyword many times in 300 character limit, on the place of focus keyword use the synonyms of that keyword.
At last, I hope these 3 key tips will help you to boost your ranking on SERPs through optimizing your meta description.

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Friday, 13 April 2018

3 Ways AI Will Affect Digital Marketing Strategy In 2018

Let’s discuss how artificial intelligence will Affect digital marketing strategies. These are some of the potential areas in which AI can broadly drive digital marketing. These possibilities are only in the fetus stage now, but 2018 could be an innovation for digital marketing driven by artificial intelligence.

 1. Customize the user experience to a greater extent:

It is the most crucial area where the AI can enter and create a significant impact. Content is the main important factor for marketing. If you can align content marketing strategy with artificial intelligence, it could be innovative. Customized content campaigns can be carried out based on collected data, such as customer searches, purchase behaviour and interests. The problem is that it can be done for each client or potential client.

Chatbots are another example of AI interference to improve the user experience. Chatbots are programmed to interact with customers based on the data they receive. Traditional chat and text communication will soon give way to a multidimensional communication system with sensory capabilities such as voice and touch. This would personalize the whole experience for the users since they receive the impression of speaking with a real person with the conscience.

Augmented reality, another aspect of artificial intelligence can be exploited to offer consumers an option to see and feel the product before the actual purchase. This would facilitate decision making for clients since they can perceive the product even before buying it. This will stimulate a faster response from the customer and, in turn, increase revenues.

2. Make your decision simpler and easier with predictive marketing

Every time a customer browses the Internet, new data generated and collected for AI analysis. This information may reveal information such as the user’s needs, behaviours and future actions. Based on this information, marketing can be optimized to provide the most relevant information.

This further reduces the sales cycle since the relevant information is delivered to customers in a silver tray. These “predictive” campaigns can significantly reduce customer research on the product and facilitate decision making. As for marketing specialists, they can continue to analyze the buyer through the data and even make the customer return.

3. Use of image recognition to obtain the maximum ROI

Previously, image recognition was limited to identifying isolated objects in an image. But with the AI-enabled software, it is now possible to obtain a detailed description of an image.

Social networks have always been biased towards visual content since tweets with images receive 150 more tweets and publications on Facebook with images receive 2.3 times more participation.

This huge amount of images can be exploited by artificial intelligence to understand the patterns, behaviours and needs of the consumer. The AI software will search images on social networks and compare them with a large image library to draw conclusions.

For example, a snack maker can map your brand against the huge collection of photos on social networks and understand the demographic composition of the buyer, such as age group, gender, etc., and also geographical potentials, as if the snack consumed more on the beach, park, supermarkets, theatres, etc. This will help align marketing strategies to extract the maximum return on investment.

Thanks to the reach of social networks and Big Data, we now know customers better than ever. Artificial intelligence and its associated technologies should bring salespeople and customers closer in the coming years. Customers have a better understanding of a product and marketing specialists have a better understanding of consumers.
With artificial intelligence as a connecting link between them, it would be interesting to see how digital marketing results in 2018.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Your Start-Up

If you are going to open and maintain a small business, you have to be ready for the responsibilities that will be assigned to you. In order to get succeed, You have focused on a lot of things that need your attention – from creating the product, process, payments, recourse, to audiences.

                                      Importance Of Digital Marketing for startups

Most startups founders & entrepreneurs ignore marketing activities as they consider it as a liability and due to lack of knowledge & higher budget. If done in the right way, You can promote your product & services & get audience insights to keep your business competitive. With the rise of online Marketing, a lot of cost-effective platforms are there to make your business presence online.

But, how exactly many startups can advantage of the digital marketing & boost their growth in this Internet world? Following are the list of digital marketing tactics that will help entrepreneurs to market their start-up.

Mobile-ready Website
In the rise of Digital trend, mobile search has surpassed desktop. In the digital landscape, it’s utmost important to design your website landing page mobile-friendly & strategize the marketing activities to reach out to the audiences who are using hand-held devices. To spark your business among the mobile-friendly users, entrepreneurs need to make new strategies & plan according to that work effectively on mobile devices.

From the past few years, buying behaviour of the consumer has been changed. If any potential customer wants to make any purchase, book an appointment or inquire any information, he would not call you or go to your shop directly, he would search on Google, visit your website, review social page & read few articles instead to find out more information. Today, effective marketing is to create the high-quality content & spread it over all the marketing platform. By quality content mean relevant information, original content with keywords that needs to put out on your dedicated landing page to rank higher in search engine result. The higher your website rank in the search engine, the more your brand gets audiences & consumers.

SEO is a Long Term Reach
As a part of digital marketing, Search engine optimization is first & foremost activity to drive the customer to your business.It helps your customer to find out your business from among others competitors.

To garner a huge amount of traffic, your website must rank higher in the SERP. SEO should not be the short-term strategy, as Google announced their update, your website must be compliant with those updates.

Most of the startups fail & the reason is the right execution of marketing instruments. As digital marketing is evolving, with consistent, right and regular strategy, you can attract the right audience to your business in the fast-paced and dynamic industry.