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Techniques Used To Drive Country Specific Traffic To Your Website

Ways That Help You Drive Country Specific Traffic
Techniques used to drive country specific traffic
The main concern for bloggers and every business who have their own website is  “How to drive Country Specific Traffic to their site.”  There are many factors that can help you to get country specific traffic :
When Panda Algorithm was mainstream, all digital marketers consider backlinks to determine the popularity of content.Many things has changed over time with new algorithms. But the importance of backlinks remains significant. Therefore, it is a good idea to target country specific backlinks.

The most effective strategies to target country-specific backlinks are guest blogging opportunities and by spending some time learning the art of blog commenting.

For example : if you want to target audience in United States, then  try to get more backlinks from U.S-based websites. You can use various tools like Alexa, SEMRush Ahrefs to perform Blog commenting or posting, but for that you need to find a list of popular websites in a particular country. This particular strategy is very effective.
2)  Use Google Trends
As we all know that content is something with which you can drive large amount of traffic on your website. Therefore, you should target your blog’s content toward keywords which are popular in the specific country and whose traffic you are targeting.
Suppose  you want to target audience in UK  then You can use Google trends. Try to find keywords which are popular with the audience in your target country, and can create content strategy based on that.
3) Google Webmaster Tool
As we know that GA and webmaster are the 2  most crucial entities for Digital Marketers and bloggers. The most important and the basic step for seeking country specific traffic is to make settings in Google’s Webmaster and select the country on which your website is targeted. This will help you to get traffic from that targeted country.
For this ,
  1. Log in and verify your website in the Google Webmaster Tool
  2. Then, under Search Traffic > International targeting you can specify which country you wish to target.

4) Country-Specific Domain Extension
One of the best practices to  seeking country-specific traffic is  buying a country-specific domain .

You may notice that most of bloggers are using their country specific domain extension, and they rank pretty high in Google Search Rankings. Similarly for India, you can target by using the domain extensions like  .in or for your good results in India.  For traffic from the U.K. (United Kingdom), grab a domain extension for the best results.

In the above blog  we have discussed techniques which you can use to target your website traffic for specific countries. Stay Subscribed with us for more Interesting and Interactive blogs.

Effective Use Of Hashtags In Social Media Marketing

Hashtags virtually aren’t new on social platforms. Hashtags serves an important purpose as they help increase the engagement and help to reach to more audiences.
However do you absolutely know a way to maximise their efficiency?
Use And Impact Of hashtags in Social media marketing
It’s a game changer when brands use appropriate hashtags in adequate amount for the different social media platforms. Why ?
Because it’s an effective and easy method to enhance the engagement and boost the followers massively in less time.
It is now not simple to use a hash tag method for all social networks, As each Social network has  its  own regulations and rulesHoweveryou may still analyse what works best for each platform and adapt your habits accordingly for the future success.
Trackmaven analysed interactions are higher with the post containing the accurate number of tags.
Ex: Instagram post tends to gain higher reach with 11+ tags having 21-26 character. Best engagement results come when we use twitter with 1-2 hashtags.
Hashtag is the social media tagging system that categorises the content.
Here is the ultimate guide how to use hashtags and its impact on different social media:
Facebook: One hashtag can boom the engagement
Facebook might not be the most famous platform to apply them, however they still seem to boom the audience’s engagement. It’s been noticed that the use of one tag with a hash  can lead to an higher engagement. Whilst their expanded use can reason a decline of engagement.
It’s interesting to observe that a post with six hash tags leads to an improved engagement, comparing to a submit with five hash tags. This could serve as an illustration that there’s no limitwithin the number of hashtags a post must have.
Earlier use of them on facebook didn’t worked so well but later on it has gained more value .
Instagram: More hashtags more engagement
Instagram is probably the best social network to use hashtags and It is another hotspot for their use.
As there’s no limit in characters and you could upload up to 15-20 hashtags in one post. The usage of the proper hashtags on Instagram can lead to ideal increase in reach and engagement.
Instagram posts with 9 hash tags carry the pleasant engagement, counting 28,548 interactions according to research Although this may be considered the height of the engagement, but it’s still remains effective with the use of 15 hash tags too.
This doesn’t imply that you can add as many hash tags as possibleIt is advised not to pick the general hashtags. The best thing is to add more context to your hash tags and be more specific.
If you’re curious approximately the ideal period of an Instagram hashtag, then plainly longer hash tags have better engagement. Hashtags of 21 characters appear to cause the best engagement fee. 
Therefore it’s highly preferred to add greater context together with your hash tag and be specificas opposed to choosing the maximum  predictable ones.
Twitter: Don’t upload too many hashtags
Tweets don’t have to contain more than one hashtags, as the handiest ones appear to comprise one to two  hashtags. As, it’s the restriction of 140 characters on its tweet that does not allow the use of many hashtags.
Howeverit is still viable to use even more than two hashtags and still gain a partial engagement.
The hashtag is one of the maximum ubiquitous aspects of Twitter. Study on to higher understand – what a hash tag sincerely does, when to use one, and how they can higher integrate your business into Twitter.
Selecting an powerful hashtag
Earlier launching marketing campaign targeted around a important keyword, we look for it on Twitter. Ensure it hasn’t been used in some time or in a way that could confuse your target market.
Quality for a tag should be relevant and wonderful so it is able to be added to Tweets without any difficulty which is considered as the main objective. As an instance, Click Through Rate is #CTR in its hash which is sleeker and seems wonderful.
They aren’t case-sensitivehowever adding capital letters does make them simpler to study: #SocialMediaMarketing Vs. socialmediamarketing.
Twitter with the hash tags get 2x engagement than the tweets without it.
Keep in mind the following :
  • Use hashtags in context
  • Add caption
  • Be specific
  • Be relevant to your audience interest
  • Find on the best hash tags for your brand and business.

4 Tricks To Give Your Website An SEO Boost And Credibility

4 hacks you can make use of to give your website the SEO boost
4 tricks to give your website SEO boost
If you’ve been writing and posting blogs for a while and not getting any traffic, you might be in need of some hacks. You just need to stand out from the hoard of bloggers to be noticed. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, you just have to follow a few SEO techniques guaranteed to give results. Below is a list of 4 hacks you can make use of to give your website the SEO boost it needs:

Employing Keyword Research For Better SEO

If you are willing to be on the first page of Google search results, this is the strategy that needs to be on your fingertips. You will have to search for the appropriate keywords having the ability to take you right up that spot where you wish to be.

One tool that can come in quite handy is the Google Keyword Research Tool. It helps you find the popular keywords by telling their current competency and number of searches per month. Here, you’ll be needing to be witty and smart enough to pick out the kind of keywords best suiting your post. The ideal way is to use the keyword with maximum popularity and also the potential to be catchy enough to grab eyeballs.

Incorporating Responsive Design For Better Engagement

If your blog contains great design templates and is visually attractive, you’re bound to get more visitors. Subsequently, this will also give an SEO boost to your website. Responsiveness in your website basically ensures that your content can be viewed seamlessly on a number of devices. It also eradicates the chances of any performance issues pertaining to your website such as high bounce rate.

A good responsive design includes CTA’s (Calls To Action) which entice the users to click on them. It also gives the users a chance to do an activity on your website while deciding whether or not to buy your services. Your CTA can include a short subscription form asking just for the user’s name and city. This will not only increase viewership but will also aggravate user engagement.

Improving Online Visibility To Gain Audience

For any blog whose target is selling a product or a service, visibility holds prime importance. Social platforms are undoubtedly the best medium for reaching your target audience. This requires intelligent use of Social Media channels for generating and growing traffic over the course of time. This will result in a substantial increase in your search engine rankings. Making optimal use of RSS subscriptions in your blog posts is also a great idea for optimizing your search results.

Correct Use Of Links for SEO Boost

The performance of your website also depends on its ink profile. As it holds the potential to your SEO boost significantly. If you want to generate good quality inbound links, driving traffic to outbound links is also a great idea.

By linking your posts to more recently published ones, you are adding more value to your posts. As a result, it increases credibility as a service provider. While the outbound links might take time to build up, you can still use inbound links to amplify your SEO.

If all of this is still not working as well for you, you can still post a keyword as a permalink. By using one such keyword in every blog will help the crawlers to spot as to what keyword to focus on.

So, these were some ways to perk up your SEO and therefore results in SEO boost. Hope you use them justly and give your website it’s due credibility that it had been lacking so far.

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How To Get More Social Shares For Your Blog Posts

Ways To Get Social Shares on your Blog Post
Are your articles getting shared hundreds or thousands of times across social media channels? Social sharing is the best way of driving more traffic to your business.  If your content is interesting and  is useful for your website visitors, they will definitely share your content and you’ll get more visitors and hence more social shares. Also, you get more links to your site as more people get to know about it. In this blog I have mentioned basic points that can improve your social media shares.
Ask: There’s a  difference between forcing and asking.  Asking is about mentioning it once casually.  Forcing is compelling someone to agree on your terms.  Mention words like ‘please RT’ or ‘like me on Facebook.’  It’s about subtle reminders, not forcing them to share.
Curious and enticing headlines: Create intuitive headlines and make efforts to engage the readers by putting up curious question and answers and let them learn more. A creative idea is to come up with the Numbered lists, twists, and cliffhangers that are often the most clickable headlines.  Most of these headline type bring a mystique to headlines where users anticipate more of the learning resources.
Add social sharing buttons: To make information more convenient for your users, one should  use AddThis, Share This, and other social sharing buttons.  It’s vital that those buttons are at their fingertips. Place  it at the top, bottom, and side for easy sharing access.
Add Social Buttons to increase your post shares
Share during active times of the day: There are many tools in the market like Google Analytics and other statistical software that  give companies a general idea about the most active hours of the day.  You can use that on social media sites to determine what those times are. Tweet and post during those times and you’re more likely to get shares.
Include visual content: Now a days Videos, photos, quotes, and infographics are the most easiest form to portray or express your thoughts instead of Text. It is the knowledge we absorb faster than the text.  For anyone who doesn’t want to read endless paragraphs, visual content provides a face, symbol, or colour to normal content.
Hashtags: Most imp factor is to Create a unique hashtag and add it to relevant posts to encourage sharing.
Initially Twitter made hashtags a trendsetting tool. But now Google+, Facebook, search engines and other social media sites have joined in. Hashtags show companies what everyone is talking about at this moment.
Social media sharing excites users.  You  need not force or beg anyone for interaction; If your content has good information, users will share it without any hesitation. And it doesn’t need much hard work when you do the right things for user engagement.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

How Is SEO Influenced By Social Media

Imapact of social media on SEO
Imapact of social media on SEO
If we talk about the activities happening online, social media takes up the most amount of time. This is the reason that more and more content generation is happening for the users to feast on. Due to the incursion of lots of content, marketers have no choice but to focus on the  impact of this ocean of content on SEO. Here, in this blog we will take a closer look at its consequences on SEO.
Is it true that Social Media actually has an impact on SEO? Well, Google denies it repeatedly and says that they do not count the impact of social signals while calculating SEO performance. The majority of the sites use NoFollow links, which inform the Search Engines that no page rank should pass through them. Although this is true that the social media posts are indexed by Google like the rest of the pages, but this, in no way means that Google indexes them all. Google crawling is somewhat limited with respect to the volume of the content present, and also the privacy settings. It is also somewhat difficult for the bots to figure out and judge the plausibility of both the author and the content.
Nonetheless, there are still some factors which are pivotal to the SEO pertaining to Social Media. Links act as the major drivers while doing SEO. Also, social media can very well prove to be a bountiful source of links as well as link sharing. In addition to this, if your branded content is getting shared in more and more places online then it means that its chances of being visible in the search results are higher.

Social Media Channels are Also Acting as Search Engines in Their Own Right :

Even if your social content is not appearing in the Google search results, no need to fret. This might have gone unnoticed, but all Social Media channels have an in-built search feature. The search bar is one of the key features of the big players like Twitter, FacebookPinterest, Instagram, etc. These channels perform indexing in various forms, such as the likes of hashtags, images, keywords and relevant content.
Additionally, we must remember two important points; first being the fact that Twitter’s partnership with Google leads to featuring of some relevant tweets in the search results. Second, that YouTube is currently the 2nd largest search engine in the world right behind Google.

Some Social Media Practices To Help in SEO:

Although there is no direct significance of Social Media on Google’s search results. There are still a handful of optimizations that you can implement in your content which makes it impactful. Also, some optimization in the social profiles won’t hurt too. Here’s a short list of such optimizations:
  1. Provide links to your owned branded content everywhere wherever it is relevant.
  2. Increase sharing of your content to boost your domain rankings. (the more the sharing, higher will be your rank)
  3. Optimize your social media channels distinctly, especially the “About Us” and “Bio” pages as they significantly help in increasing the rankings.
  4. Don’t forget to incorporate as many relevant keywords as possible in posts, hashtags, keywords, etc.
  5. Encourage people to share your content as much as possible by putting social media sharing buttons on every page of your website.

7 Incredible Tricks To Boost Your SERP CTR

7 Incredible Tricks To Boost Your SERP CTR
7 Incredible Tricks To Boost Your SERP CTR
Web sites with higher ranking in SERP and having high CTR percentage can accelerate the traffictowards internet siteIt is a reality that the search engines attract most of the visitors to the top three results and have maximum number of visitors landing on that page in comparison with the other results occurring on 2nd page or so on. Hence this is the reason everyone wants to rank on the first page of SERP’s.
The CTR depends on how attractive your ad appears in the search result pages so that they get maximum of clicks .There is no shortage of techniques by which you can enhance your CTR organically. Although CTR is the biggest ranking element, it gets little interest.
You can’t beg users and ask them to click at the web sitebutyou could  manage to control overthe clickthroughcharge(CTR).
To boost SERP CTR percent, you want to adopt a few SEO techniques which can be beneficial to increase overall rankings .Some of the suggestions to boost your organic CTR is as follows. It may prove favourable for your business marketing strategy
Write catchy and attractive titles
Title of the web page plays a completely essential role in improving the visibility of your website onsearch engine resultsUnique and appealing title is the key component which must never beneglected.
When you can write a catchy headline, you must follow a few rules given underneath :-
  1. The limitation of characters should be 55-60
  2. The user must be capable of predict what the webpage is about via seeing the title
  3. Use powerful phrases that draw a few expectations in consumer’s thoughts
  4. Add numbers in main title : e.g 9 useful techniques to boost rankings.
  5. Use relevant keywords at the side of exciting adjectives consisting of – absolute, Best, Cheap,effortless and many others.
  6. Prior following the above rulesyou could entice greater variety of traffic to your web site.
Being little powerful and emotional
You could gradually increase the traffic of your website dramatically through triggering the audiencefeelings. Emotional triggers frequently make human beings click on and you’re more likely to force them to click your website. Having an search engine optimisation headline can also sound expert,but will no longer target the visitorsyou can format emotional headlines by using –
  1. Asking a query inside the headline
  2. Making something short and clean
  3. Use adjectives, adverbs and attractive phrases inside the title
  4. natural emotions might not get noticed by way of serpshoweverif you need the visitors toclick on your website link, you should act emotional.
Use Of Keyword in the URL
URL need to be clean and short with the keyword in it without any stop words. It’s far important for the users to navigate to your website easilyEnhancing the URL structure is an vital a part of developing an optimized website and hence achieving good SEO.
Enhancing the URL links can even help you enhance the organic CTR.
  1. Make the URL descriptive to earn the believe of searcher
  2. Descriptive URL enhances CTR on social media
  3. It ought to be easy to navigate and assist them locate what they may be seeking out
  4. An excellent URL structure can reduce the bounce rate and improve the dwell time.
URL Structure Including Keyword
Right Meta description For the Web page
Meta description tag could be very essential in search engine optimisation because it shows the outline of summary and snipped title just under the title in search engine outcomes.It is considered as an important factor in gaining click through from SERPs.

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