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Techniques Used To Drive Country Specific Traffic To Your Website

Ways That Help You Drive Country Specific Traffic
Techniques used to drive country specific traffic
The main concern for bloggers and every business who have their own website is  “How to drive Country Specific Traffic to their site.”  There are many factors that can help you to get country specific traffic :
When Panda Algorithm was mainstream, all digital marketers consider backlinks to determine the popularity of content.Many things has changed over time with new algorithms. But the importance of backlinks remains significant. Therefore, it is a good idea to target country specific backlinks.

The most effective strategies to target country-specific backlinks are guest blogging opportunities and by spending some time learning the art of blog commenting.

For example : if you want to target audience in United States, then  try to get more backlinks from U.S-based websites. You can use various tools like Alexa, SEMRush Ahrefs to perform Blog commenting or posting, but for that you need to find a list of popular websites in a particular country. This particular strategy is very effective.
2)  Use Google Trends
As we all know that content is something with which you can drive large amount of traffic on your website. Therefore, you should target your blog’s content toward keywords which are popular in the specific country and whose traffic you are targeting.
Suppose  you want to target audience in UK  then You can use Google trends. Try to find keywords which are popular with the audience in your target country, and can create content strategy based on that.
3) Google Webmaster Tool
As we know that GA and webmaster are the 2  most crucial entities for Digital Marketers and bloggers. The most important and the basic step for seeking country specific traffic is to make settings in Google’s Webmaster and select the country on which your website is targeted. This will help you to get traffic from that targeted country.
For this ,
  1. Log in and verify your website in the Google Webmaster Tool
  2. Then, under Search Traffic > International targeting you can specify which country you wish to target.

4) Country-Specific Domain Extension
One of the best practices to  seeking country-specific traffic is  buying a country-specific domain .

You may notice that most of bloggers are using their country specific domain extension, and they rank pretty high in Google Search Rankings. Similarly for India, you can target by using the domain extensions like  .in or for your good results in India.  For traffic from the U.K. (United Kingdom), grab a domain extension for the best results.

In the above blog  we have discussed techniques which you can use to target your website traffic for specific countries. Stay Subscribed with us for more Interesting and Interactive blogs.

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