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What Questions to Ask when Choosing a Content Marketing Agency

If you Google the term ‘Content Marketing Agency,’ it will provide you with around 16.9 million results. When you are new in this digital world and want to back up your content related services by a proficient content marketing agency, this may get cringing while choosing from the 16 million results. Even if you narrow down this number and prefer only 1000 results, the situation will stay the same for you.
In that case, you need to outline some important aspects and questions. Those questions will help you in finding an agency that can handle all your worries related to your content marketing services.
Not only that, businesses are turning to such agencies who can help them to get results. But the obstacle is to find a high-performing agency and which fits their goals and objectives.
Thus, we have outlined some of the vital questions that will narrow down your search and help you select the best content marketing agency for your business.
Determining a Proficient Content Marketing Agency
What are Your Goals?
Whatever the situation is, while Choosing, Buying or Hiring, the first question that will always arise is why do you need it?
So, first ask yourself why there is a need to hire an agency?
Do you need it for more traffic, Leads, Brand awareness, Conversions, SEO, Social Media, Blogging, etc.
In fact, nobody can easily handle all these at once and not all agencies offer all of the aforementioned services. Thus, it’s vital to get clear on your needs.
More importantly, a good agency knows that content marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy. There could be areas that need tweaking. You may not be aware of them but a full-scale agency can easily spot and fix them.
They can have a guidance on where your deficiencies and weak spots lie. Further, such agency will help in you amplifying your efforts to get the success you are searching for.
Terms and Conditions:
Generally, content marketing agencies offer their services within monthly retainers and range anywhere from $1000- $10,000, depends on the service requirements.
Many lower-priced agencies ( pricing $ 1-2k/month) may seem like a good offer but it costs money to form some valuable content that engages, helps in growing your business and builds your brand.
Most agencies think that it can take minimum 6 months to get any traction from your content. Thus, typical agreements mainly range from 6-12 months to ensure your success.
Only Content Creations isn’t the Thing that Matters.
Sometimes you come across an agency that only focuses on churning out enough content to keep you happy. On the other hand, good agencies know that content is not a number game. In fact, it is one of the main pillars of Digital Marketing. Best agencies always prefer quality over quantity, and that’s an important thing.
Prefer an agency that:
  • Comprehends the buyer’s journey and knows how to target the right audience at every stage of your buying cycle. Make sure it knows how to map out strategic content.
  • Uses customer personas or helps in creating them.
  • Has some strategy to understand your brand and speaks directly to your audience.
  • Focuses on results, a good agency will want to assist in tracking and analytics from day one. Additionally, its main goal should be to get results for you.
  • Wants to be your partner and work with you on a long-term basis. Eventually, a good agency would always care about your success and become your partner, and not a content-producing agency only. Bottom line, they should be interested more in strategy rather than churning out a large quantity of content.
Transparency and Reliability Check:
To check out the transparency and reliability when hiring a content marketing agency, consider the following aspects.
  • Check testimonials and case studies. In-depth case studies help you in getting an idea about an agency’s wins, this can strengthen your decision.
  • Assign an agency that has dedicated writers to write your content. It allows writers to grow with your brand or organization and become its voice.
  • Brands that hire an agency for more than 6-12 months are likely to be happy with their results.
In Summary:
Being in the digital world and competing with others asks for some help. Likewise, to save a lot of  time for your other important objectives, it can be beneficial to let experts handle it.
Content is king, and many businesses have experienced immense growth by just leveraging content marketing services. Thus, it becomes important to choose a suitable agency while handing over such tasks to them.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Race Ahead Of The Competition Using These Mobile Advertising Strategies

Mobile Advertising Strategies

Mobile Advertising isn’t only growing rapidly, but it’s expanding insanely fast. As per the data reports, organizations have almost tripled their mobile advertising budget last year, and are expected to uplift it by an additional 65% in 2017. While the growth is overwhelming, it is raising challenges for many brands. Because mobile advertising is relatively new, and it is often tough to grasp its most effective strategies and tactics. Thus. we have compiled some mobile advertising strategies that have been proven to provide results for many brands.
Best Mobile Advertising Strategies
Start with Great Content:
Today’s average mobile user has been fed up with completely vague and disruptive ads. To the extent where they don’t even want to see such ads again and start using ad blockers.
Here marketers need to understand that the practice of bombarding your users with irrelevant ads now won’t work. Today’s users look for meanings in everything. Thus, provide them with some meaningful ads, make your viewers watch ads without them even realizing they are watching ads.
There are a number of mobile ads that are being shared on social media because they contain a human factor, some humour and are relevancy. You need to spend some time on making ads to make them more effective. Flashing ads on the side-bar won’t take you anywhere, rather, be creative. You can use the internet to get numerous ideas to get creative with mobile ads, it full of it.
Transform User Experience and Behaviour:
Marketers need to consider user behaviour and user experience if they want their audience to stay. Some ads become so effective and interactive that users even share and search for those ads. This can be possible if your ad is interactive and provides excellent user experience.
User behaviour can prove to be the next vital thing. Mobile ads are typically placed to the top or bottom in minuscule spaces. Nearly 86% mobile user don’t even consider them and think them as the reason for their slow internet speed. Hence, look for some valuable mobile advertising tools that can provide your user with more utility.
Mobile Bid Adjustments
This is one of the extremely persuasive mobile advertising strategies that can save you a lot of money while being effective as usual. In fact, mobile CPCs have been increasing since 2012. They will continue to increase as the user experience for mobile user increases.
Advertisers can manage their mobile bids by adjusting mobile bids for their vital keywords at the group level or campaign in AdWords.
It’s very easy, just go to the “Settings” tab from your target campaign and move to the sub-tab for “Devices.” Now here you can set up your mobile bids. You can set a percent of what you want to pay for them on the desktop.
Make Them Call to You:
If you don’t have a mobile website and want to convert your mobile traffic. There is a result-driven trick that can help you out. You can drive some easy conversions using call extensions.
To simply put this, rather than showing ads with conventional headlines taking users to a landing page, you can provide users with an option to call you. You’ll be charged with your standard CPC for the call extension.
Utilize In-App Ads
According to the studies, mobile in-app ad spend is growing at a fast speed of 60% a year. Further, speculations are that it will surpass desktop online display ad spend by 2018.
This boost in its popularity is because of the shift in consumer behaviour. In fact, smartphone and tablet users don’t open up a browser, they jump to apps first when engaging with their devices.
It suggests that an ad budget spend should include a fair amount of in-app media as well.
Over to You:
Mobile advertising if done correctly can do wonders for your business. Many businesses have done extremely well with mobile advertising and experienced some potential growth. But they have used mobile advertising strategically and wisely. You can do it as well if you have a set of effective mobile advertising strategies. Use these beneficial and result-driven strategies and analyze results.
Let us know if you have found this article helpful.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Top 8 Professional SEO Tools Worth Their Cost

Professional SEO Tools

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an online businesses best companion. SEO helps in maximizing advertising campaigns along with ranking your results higher in SERPs. Likewise, it helps businesses to build their online presence, expand the reach and increase revenue. However, if you are not aware of the best available professional SEO tools which will provide your business with immense help, we have prepared a list of best SEO tools.
Here is the list of best 8 professional SEO tools, these tools will make your SEO work easier.
1) Google:
To improve your website’s SEO, Google is the best place you can go for. Significantly, Google is a leader in search engines which offers various SEO tools for businesses online. For instance, you can check out some of the effective tools offered by Google for SEO.
Here they are:
Google AdWords – Helps you in finding prompt keywords to use on the basis of search volume.
Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) – You get access to website data, detailed reports and to a resource library to improve your website results in Google’s SERPs.
Google Analytics – Helps in analyzing keywords that are potential and drive traffic to your website.
Google Trends – Provides you with the information on what’s currently trending on Google Search along with exploring trend histories.
2) Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool:
It’s one of the most efficient website crawlers. Screaming Frog SEO Tool quickly audits all of your web pages to check your website’s SEO-friendliness.
Its main purpose is to find what’s broken, such as server errors, broken links, plagiarised content and blocked URLs by robots. It can also tell whether your page title and meta description are too long or too short.
It can be incorporated with Google analytics, as well as, provides sitemaps and error reports.
The Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool is free and its URLs crawl limit is 500. However, one can get its paid licence for unlimited crawls and added features.
3) RankSense:
It allows organizations to monitor their own SEO 24/7. Further, it also provides with automatic detection of certain issues and real-time recommendations for fixing and improving your website’s SEO. This includes, call-to-actions and suggested meta descriptions as well.
Since you want to have a try on this SEO tool, RankSense offers you a free site trial and scanning.
4) Ubersuggest:
Ubersuggest helps you in finding SEO-friendly keywords. Moreover, you can get access to thousands of keywords using Ubersuggest in an instant.
Start with a single search term. Further, you can use this free service for an automatic finding of suggested keywords. This strengthens your website’s SEO.
It works by taking a base keyword and expand it by adding number or letters in it on the basis of real-life search queries.
If content marketing is a part of your business plan, is one of the prompt professional SEO tools for it. It is basically a content curation platform. It allows you to find SEO-rich content based on keywords. is more beneficial for the business who lack the time and resources to produce high-quality content. Indeed, you should incorporate in your content marketing strategy to save a plenty of time.
6) Moz Pro:
Moz Pro is a prominent inbound marketing software. Use Moz Pro as a single platform to track your website’s SEO, social efforts content marketing, links, and brand awareness.
It incorporates Moz analytics as well. Moz analytics presents all of your search, mentions, social, inbound links, other data and content at a single place. Furthermore, it also compares your website’s performance with your competitors website time to time.
This professional SEO tool starts at only $99/month.
7) WooRank:
Is your website SEO- friendly? Find out with WooRank.
It’s one of the excellent professional SEO tools. It is especially comes in use to help you in finding strengths and weaknesses of your website for free.
This website uses metrics like social media, SEO, usability, mobile optimization and more for in-depth analysis of your website. Moreover, it allows automatic monitoring of analytics, search engine rankings, backlinks and other vital factors.  
If you want to check a single website, it’s free. However, for advanced and unlimited reviews of the websites, you can take a paid plan, starting just at $49.99/month.
8) Optimizely:
Optimizely comes is on the list of professional SEO tools for many digital marketers.
It is an A/B testing tool for websites. In addition, it can help you in making better decisions on efficient ways to use SEO for your website. Furthermore, by using Optimizely A/B testing, you can increase sales and revenue.
Basically, A/B testing takes the test of your website or landing page’s two versions. For instance, one is current version and another is with SEO changes. Further, it makes use of live traffic and the users data to ascertain the version that converts.
An Optimizely plan starts at just $17/month.
There are other effective professional SEO tools as well in the market. Check out the list here:
  • OnCrawl
  • SEO Camel
  • K-Meta
  • SEO Ninja Tool
  • Key Collector
  • SEO Crawler
  • Code Beautify SERP Checker
There are numerous SEO tools available online. Find the ones that work best for you. It is advised that sign up for free trials before paying the amount for any SEO tool. We, at Oodles Marketing, use a few of them to get the best results for our clients. And keep looking for others too, there could be much more like these.

Use These Result-Driven SEO Tricks to Give a Boost to Your Business

SEO tricks
Every second, Google manages more than 63,00 searches that indeed accounts for around 2 trillion searches per year. No wonder now why SEO is one of the most important things in this digital space. Other than that, every day, numerous online business emerge to compete and make this competition more tough. As we know that the world of SEO is ever-changing and continuous. Consequently, SEO tricks and techniques to get your results rank on SERP continuously change. To cut the long story short, you cannot stop adjusting your SEO tricks, techniques, strategies, plans and whatever that it takes into the account.
Best SEO Tricks in 2017
Pay Heed to Personalized Searches:
Basically, keywords count as the foundation of SEO. Without keywords, SEO may not exist. However, with coming technological development, they continue to develop and evolve.
In the next 12 months, you have to take heed of personalized searches. It’s because Google now changes search results based on your history, location and even the device.
For instance, if you perform a search on a certain keyword on a desktop PC, it will provide you with results that are different when the same keyword is performed on a mobile device. This could be a good news for an average user, but it makes monitoring keyword ranking more tedious and difficult than ever.
Hence, in order to get accurate insights of the impact of your campaigns, move to the incognito mode on your browser and ‘de-personalize’ the search results. Then perform a search for same keywords both on mobile and desktop, and check geo-specific search results. This all may sound overwhelming but using tools such as Rank Tracker can help you automate this time-taking process.
Do Not Miss On RankBrain
Don’t have an idea about what is RankBrain, here it is- it is a learning Artificial Intelligence system that is incorporated in Google’s Algorithm. In fact, the last March, it has been officially announced as the Google’s 3rd most vital ranking factor.
In a nutshell, this excellent system helps Google to analyze the context for a performed query. Further, it goes through relevant results when a user types in a never-before-researched or uncommon phrase. And because it has a self-adjusting nature, it’s far more difficult to exploit in comparison to other ranking factors.
SEO Beyond Google:
Everyone seems to focus on Google only for SEO. While Google is still the prime and popular search engine, you cannot miss on other search engines as well. This can validate the statement that Bing accounts for nearly one-third of all search traffic.
Fortunately, Both search engines have quite similar optimization processes. In fact, Bing is more straightforward. But it has a few significant differences – inbound anchor text, keyword density and keyword in domains are far more vital. While Google still doesn’t consider social media impact, social shares in Bing’s Algorithm are extremely important.
Voice Search Optimization:
The main reason for Bing’s recent popularity is its status as the best search engine for some of the most sought-after and widely-used personal assistants such as Siri and Cortana. In fact, as per the reports by Media Post, more than 25% of Bing’s traffic is generated by voice searches.
In the last 3 years, the use of voice search has increased drastically, because voice-recognition technology is becoming more accurate than ever before.
To put more emphasis on voice searches, it’s important to know the progress of it. In addition, four years ago, Google had an error rate of 23% in voice searches. This year, it has come down to 8%.
Over to You:
You can use a ‘101 guide to SEO tricks’. But this may not provide you with expected results. In fact, you should first try and then implement. Aforementioned are only 4 SEO tricks. but they have the potential to compete with any definitive guide to SEO tricks. Thus, give them a try and see if they work.
Do let us know about your experiences!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Why Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Are A Must For Online Businesses

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are all about offering mobile users with web page content in a brisk on mobile devices. It serves the web pages that come within its server. Added, these accelerated pages don’t allow the use of JavaScript. Means, these pages don’t require to connect with each publisher’s page that makes the loading process longer.Accelerated Mobile Pages
Defining Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
Accelerated Mobile Pages are basically a project by Google and Twitter introduced to make insanely fast mobile pages. In a nutshell, it is an open source initiative that leverages the vision that content publishers can easily create content that is optimized for mobile phones and have it load quickly anywhere. In fact, this project heavily relies on HTML in order to create an enhanced version of your website. Moreover, if your pages are AMP-enabled, they can easily appear in a special carousel in Google SERPs.
Twitter, Pinterest, Chartbeat,, Adobe Analytics and LinkedIn count as some of the Google’s partners embodying AMPs.
Studied have told that they load four times faster and use eight times fewer data in comparison to normal mobile-optimized pages. Thus, its significant that why AMPs are the latest digital trend appealing a lot of mobile users.
How Can AMPs Help SEO:
AMPs aren’t a magic wand that can get you a ranking boost. But it necessarily doesn’t mean that AMPs don’t matter at all for SEO boost. Following are the benefits they can provide you with:
Enhanced User Experience:
Google’s Mobilegeddon Update tells that webmasters try to make their sites mobile friendly or suffer from low ranks, are in response to a big user experience problem. Accelerated mobile pages are just the addition in that response
In fact, mobile users always face hassle when Google send them to pages; hard to load, difficult to load, or slow in loading. And that gets more worse when they use mobile data.
Data shows that around 70% of sites switch to AMPs because of the slow loading times.
Thus, it can do wonders as a matter of user experience if your pages are AMP-enabled. Consequently, enhanced user experience leads to better SEO.  
Better SEO Means:
Decreased Bounce Rate:
As aforementioned, increasing site speed can resist people from bouncing your site to another.
Even Google prefers pages that load faster because of the user experience. And, 1 second can put a lot of effects as well.
AMPs load 15-85% faster than normal pages, providing with a great fix to lower your site’s bounce rate.
Improved Click-Through Rate
Users visiting on AMP-enabled pages are less likely to bounce from the site. Significantly then they will be more likely to click through to other pages.
This all when coupled together means aligning your site with Google that considers better user interaction as a vital indicator of value.
Increased Visibility
Now you can see Google’s News Carousel above-the-fold on mobile. Thus, carousel content receives more impressions. In fact, 80% of the marketers using Accelerated Mobile Pages are bagging more views.
Supportable for Ads-
It’s another aim is to provide support to a range of networks, technologies and formats. The goal of AMPs for digital advertising is to deliver fast ads whilst allowing your content to look good. This can help advertisers to increase their presence and improve ROI on ad expense.
AMP Analytics
AMP takes into account the need to track user behaviour on websites. With it, content publishers get the option to choose from two tags that can automatically monitor user data such as new vs old returning user, visitor counts, click/conversions, link and video tracking and more.
As a matter of fact, around 16,000 AMP-enabled pages are being created every day. Hence, this project is growing at great pace and on a big scale.
Wrapping Up:
User experience is one of the vital factors in this digital space. The increased competition has increased the need for marketers to enhance their sites’ user experience to get good results. And a good user experience, as mentioned above, can lead you to wonders.
Thus, get your pages AMP-enabled and experience some positive, significant changes.
Do let us know if you find this article helpful.
Keep reading, keep evolving

Monday, 26 June 2017

Drive Immense Web Traffic Using These Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing has now become an inevitable part of every Digital Marketing Strategy. It has become a big part of customer engagement along with attracting the prospective audience online. This means that almost every online and offline business is doing this. This is making harder for new and small businesses to stand out from the crowd. To leave the herd behind, you need to implement some decent amount of content marketing tips. Many big companies have achieved their predefined goals using several content marketing tips.
This article will make easier for you to grasp the new content marketing tips for 2017. Following tips have provided organizations with overwhelming results. So, give them a try and see if they work out for you the same way.
Content Marketing Tips
  • Stop treating your content like a speedboat. Instead, you can use your content to gently guide your users or customers through your buying cycle.
  • You can increase your audience reach using social ads. Give them a $10-15 boost and they will go a long way.
  • Start guest blogging on other popular industry sites and don’t forget to put a back link to your site within your byline or bio. In addition, this helps in driving traffic along with creating a personal brand authority.
  • Try to avoid lengthy headlines. Rather, be on point and write short, simple and eye-catching headlines that quickly trigger the point. Write click-bait headlines and experience a loss of interest of people in your articles.
  • Never miss a chance to leverage the power of email in your content marketing. In fact, 80% of businesses say that their primary revenue is tied to email.
  • Blog consistently and more often than usual. A survey conducted by Hubspot tells that 82% of the digital marketers who blog daily have acquired at least one customer through their blogs, compared to 57% of the marketers who don’t blog frequently.
  • Content promotion via a .com domain is always beneficial. 85% of top-ranking pages on SERP use .com domain as their top-level for content sharing and promotion.
  • Stop writing short posts just to get the job done. Construct long form content of 1,000+ words. This helps in improving search rank of your results, traffic and value of the reader.
  • Get an understanding of who is reading your content? What answers your audience is looking for? For this, start creating a buyer persona before start creating or planning your content. Moreover, this will lead you to a higher conversion.
  • Recreate old content in a fresh way to provide users with something fresh who may not have experienced it before. It should contain some level of uniqueness otherwise, it’s not worth doing.
  • Always have a sturdy content strategy. The most successful and effective content marketers are likely to have a detailed content strategy in place.
  • Outline a strategy to promote your content aggressively. Make a checklist for every post that denotes all of the social channels and applications you can use to promote your content.
  • Keep a strategy to build your audience. Utilize time-saving content marketing tools like that can help you grow your following organically.
  • Use influencers’ references through linking to their content or tagging them in your content. Further, let them know about this, either via manual social notification or with an excellent tool like Mailshake.
  • Another best type of content can be a Thank You email or letter. Sending handwritten thank you cards to all new customer is an engaging and effective way, they feel as a valued customer. As a matter of fact, such cards get shared on social media nearly 70% of the time. It’s such a unique and simple way.
  • Implement Conversion Optimization to increase the chance of your content to generate leads and sales on all channels. For instance, think about visual engagement, headlines, effective call-to-actions and content layout.
  • Trending content is good, but never forget to provide some evergreen content that will continue to produce traffic for a long time.
  • Write in a way as if you are having a conversation with your friend. Your audience will far more likely relate and engage with your content if it’s conversational in nature.
  • Keep an eye on your Analytics to track the most popular topics and content types that are bringing the most traffic to your site. Push what works and cut off the dead weight from your strategy.
  • Content is like ground zero and keywords are the ammunition. Regardless of the content marketing budget and efforts, you won’t get satisfactory results if your content quality isn’t up to the level.
These were some of the most effective and result-driven content marketing tips. These tips can help any sort of businesses to drive their content marketing campaigns in a right direction, regardless of the size of the firm or budget.
Do leave your valuable suggestions and feedback in the comment box section. They play an important role for us.

Promising Social Media Marketing Tips To Dominate Social Media

social media marketing tips

Social Media is the most growing and promising place to promote your business online. It can not only help you gain good traffic but also a trustworthy fan base. Wendy’s for example, the now not-so-famous restaurant chain of America doubled its consumption and popularity scales just by making their Twitter very responsive & fun. Instagram also have proven to be a startup’s building platform.
So, it won’t be wrong to say that having a good presence at such platforms is not only good for business but also necessary in today’s online world. Here are few social media marketing tips you might use to advance your Social Media game.
Social Media Marketing Tips
Interaction/Response :
The most important task in getting your social media A-game on is by Interaction. Every time you receive a tweet make sure to reply or like. If it’s Instagram, make sure to comment or like. On Facebook, you can do the same. Being Responsive with your audience makes them interact & reach out to your business more. It’ll also make the news spread wide & you might gain much more traffic to your site. So make sure you leave no interaction unanswered.
Optimization :
Having multiple social media accounts will increase your possibility to get viral & get an enormous following all at a sudden. SMO is one of the most crucial ways of digital marketing. Using this technology for the company’s welfare is a great way. It helps the visitors to find you easily because of their searches for similar content. Hence, it boosts your following.
Follow the Trends:
Once you have a good following. It’s time to award them. The best way to promote your activities to the fullest is attracting them with offers. And nothing is easier than using social media platforms to do so. Reward someone at the random with a gift prize or opportunity they might have not thought about. So, the next time you can announce a competition & spread the word further. If it’s a festive season let them aware about the discounts or presents. More opportunities will help you reach wider viewers.
Wrapping Up:
You don’t have to make a long list of social media marketing tips. Neither you can implement them all together. Go step by step. We have given only  3 most responsive social media marketing tips. Give them a try, and if they work, which they will actually do, you can ask us for more.
So, make use of these social media marketing tips and analyse if they are providing you with expected results.

Friday, 23 June 2017

How To Cement Your Social Media Presence Online

social media presence

Social media networks have significantly become a part of every digital marketing strategy. Why? Because they have immense power to drive huge traffic and even conversion. But the first step is getting started and creating an influencing social media presence. If you are not a familiar name on the internet, you could become one by building a strong social media presence. And that’s not possible if you are looking for strategies. You cannot use strategies everywhere. The foundation of social media is connecting people and socialization. And, people want businesses to become a bit social, not social media to become a business.
Thus, stick to the basics and use some effective tips. Tips that can instantly provide you with results. Social media is a huge pool of opportunities where you cannot focus on one thing. There are hundreds of things which you can handle using following tips. First, give them a try and see if the results are considerable.
Tips to Build a Strong Social Media Presence
First Thing First:
The very first step is completing your profile on every social media network that you are on. Make sure that anyone who is looking for you, is getting to you.
Completing social media profile not only means filling out the details. Pay attention to every detail, phrase, keyword or words that your audience may use to find you.
Be Visually Appealing:
A visual element counts as the first thing on social media that people notice. So, make sure you have everything striking, your profile picture, avatar, cover photo, etc.
Sit with your designer and tell him to make a profile picture that is high resolution, properly sized and resonates with your brand accurately.
Take Help:
You surely need some help if you’re starting from the scratch. Spreading the word can’t be done easily or it isn’t a one-person job. Added to this, your employees, co-workers should be aware of your new social media effort. They can follow your accounts on social media networks to give you a temporary boost.
In fact, one needs at least 30 Facebook fans to even see insights. Additionally, they can spread the word to their friends, clients and customers.
Imagine Your Audience:
It’s fine if you are starting from the scratch and don’t have much followers or fans. But you can imagine your audience. Who wants you? Why do they need you? What do they read? All these questions can instantly give you an insight about your audience, most digital marketing professional call it “persona development“. Hence, keep your audience and these questions before doing anything on social media.
Keep Eyes on Your Competitors:
Since you know your audience, next obstacle is your competitors. There is nothing wrong in implementing your competitor’s strategy if they are effective. A competitive analysis is also a beneficial thing to do. This saves time and, yes, everything is fair. Analyze what’s working for them and what’s not. Further, implement working strategies and examine if they are as effective as they were for your competitor.
Keep Reserve of Shareable Content:
This is the best bet you can use to reach a larger audience. You need to have some content that people want to share. Each share of your post means expansion of your social media presence and introduction to a new and large audience. You may be tempted to create such posts on your own, but it’s okay until you are sharing worthy content. You can share important news, informative photos and videos, funny videos, interactive and engaging content, etc.
Smart Giveaways or Contests:
Running contests or giveaways are some of the finest tactics to become famous or at least seen to the masses in a jiffy. Many have started using this tactic which has, in fact, provided them with overwhelming results.
If you are new, looking to make some place, do run contests. People tend to spend little more time than usual on contests and giveaways expecting something good to win. Thus, brainstorm and form some creative and new contests. Surely, this will attract a lot of people.
Cross Promotion:
Now that you have gained a considerable number of followers and fans, it’s the time for cross promotion. For instance, if you just have started to build an Instagram account and already have accounts on Facebook and Twitter, tell about this to your followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook that you are on Instagram as well, and for a different purpose. There should be some significant difference between the content on these social media channels.
Voice Matters:
A voice or tone of a content is what people resonate with. Social Media is all about being witty, informative and interactive. So, even if you are in a niche where being witty isn’t a considerable thing, you can try this on your social media networks. It won’t affect the image of your company. Instead, it can bring a lot of people to your business. 9GaG is an existing example of this, they make people smile and they do only that. And that’s what social media is about, connecting people. Thus, it’s up to you, how do you want your content and other elements to be connected with your audience. But remember to maintain a tone of your organization. This is a link between your organization and your audience.