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Effect Of Google’s New Penguin Update On Your Business

Google’s New Penguin Update: How it Affects Businesses 2017

Google released  its first  Penguin Update on April 24, 2012.The main focus of the update was to impose penalty on the  websites that tried to improve their google search engine ranking  by using  “unnaturally acquiring” links.
Google Penguin Update 4.0
Last month Google has officially declared the release of its Penguin Update 4.0.  According to this update Penguin is now a part of the core Google algorithm and runs in real time.
Key Features of Penguin 4.0

  • Penguin 4.0 is real time now

We know that Penguin 4.0 is now real-time. This will result in drastic changes in the  page’s rankings each time Google updates the information about this page and about pages linking to it. Therefore  both positive and negative impacts of your actions will become noticeable faster.
2) Penguin is becoming more granular
This means that  it is going to knock off spam by updating ranks based on spam signals rather than degrading an entire site.The algorithm is now focused on  just a specific page, group of keywords rather than on the whole websites.
3) Penguin 4.0 is a major  Part of Google’s Core Algorithm
Effect Of Google’s New Penguin Update On Your Business
In their latest announcement, Google actually commented  that they are “not going to make any statement on future updates or changes.” Now you’ll need to continuously monitor your backlink profile.So, in case you are willing to modify your website you will see some immediate changes. You don’t actually need to to wait for another  update of Penguin to see your site recovery.
Benefits from Penguin 4.0
Penguin 4.0  algorithm allows you to recover from a Google penalty faster.
If your site has been  penalised due to toxic links  and your webmaster does a good job in in tracking and removing harmful links, you’ll see positive results sooner, when the Google crawlers visit your site next .
2) Penguin Algorithm Fights Negative SEO
Previously companies were using negative seo to penalise their competitors, but after the release of new penguin update, this will not be possible. Because Penguin 4.0 is in real-time now, it does provide the opportunity for SEOs to opt black hat technique. However, it will be a much harder task to do, so organisations should be more concerned  about building their own sites, instead of putting negative SEO efforts for their competitors.
3) Spam Links: Demotion vs. Devaluation
According to  previous Penguin Algo if google penalises your website then it negatively affects the whole website i.e. your entire site would drop in search rankings which was the main concern of many SEOs that needed to be resolved.
The major change by new  Penguin 4.0  that made many Digital marketers feel safe is the new method in which it deals with spam links. This is a major improvement that many SEOs  needed . Instead of degrading the entire sites that have spam links directed towards them, Penguin will devalue only the  links.

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