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Best SEO Image-Optimization Techniques For Photo Blogs

Image-Optimization for Photo Blogs
Best SEO Image-Optimisation Techniques
The Search Engine Optimization for the heavy Image website has many similarities with general SEO, however,  there are certain things that need to be considered in optimising  photo-blogs only.
Photo-blogs or Image Websites  are creating quite a stir these days as they turned out to be an effective way for engaging a large no of visitors to your website. Here, we shall take a look at some key aspects of Search Engine Optimization for Photo Blogs.
Best Practices for Optimizing Images of Photo-Blogs
Verify Picture File Names
The basic thing that should be considered if you have a photo blog or image website is that the Image file names should be properly named by using selected keyword. Google bots  look at the specific file names of the images, especially when we search an image in Google search. Usually, people do not care about the name of the image file and let the names  like Untitled-1.jpg or Untitledpic.jpg, this practice should be not be practiced and a proper name should be used in an optimized manner.
Assign Image ALT Tags
Alt tags are the special tags used to describe  the image to the search engine bots. For the better Seo of your image, this tag must contain a text that  should be a well-optimized phrase  carrying the keyword for better results. In fact alt tag is very important for local SEO as well, but for photo-blogs or image websites  the major content are the pictures,  therefore the alt tag should be given special importance.
Reduce the Number of Images
To ensure a good SEO for your photo blog one should not incorporate many images on the single page  as it may slow down the website, and thus degrade your ranking.The best technique is to insert an optimized image on the front page especially. You can use CDN along with cache if your image based website is getting too much traffic.
Compress Images for Best Results
In General,the most important factor on which Google focuses a lot is site speed, that’s why the image compression is an important factor in the photo-blogs.Here is a logical reason to explain.
We can compress images in two ways
  1. First of all, you can trade the quality of the image with its size.
    2) Secondly, there are certain tools that help you reduce the size of the image by maintaining the quality of the picture. I would like to recommend the second one strongly.
Watermarking Images
Watermarking images is an important technique of branding  and can drive a good amount of traffic. You just have to add your company website on every picture that you uploaded. This step generally lies  between the on page and off page optimization but since it helps to reach the traffic directly,we are including it in the off page optimization.
Maintain Social Media Activity
Social media activities play a vital role to engage traffic through images.You should be  well connected to the social media and your blog must have  the option for the readers to easily share images from your blog to the social media sites.
If your image website is on WordPress , in that case, you have varieties of  plugins that can help you in adding the sharing features to the blog to share images on Social sites like Facebook, Pinterest , twitter etc

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