Thursday, 22 June 2017

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Content creation and publishing is just the half job done. Further, to excel in Content Marketing, you need to optimize content as per the channels being used for content dissemination. In addition, when done with the content creation part, next obstacle is finding more efficient content marketing channels to diffuse content to larger audiences. It is always beneficial to promote your content on maximum numbers of content marketing channels. It helps you in increasing your site’s visibility among the masses.
Here are a few potential Content Marketing Channels:
YouTube experiences around 1 million unique visitors every month. It is the only platform where approximately 6 billion hours of video each month. Astonishingly, every minute, 100 hours of video is available on YouTube that spans 16 languages and 56 countries.
  • It has more than 102 million blogs.
  • Around 44.6 billion posts.
  • Amassing 29.2 million unique visitors along with 6.6 billion page views.
Guest Blogging:
Guest Bloggers spread your content in their groups if the content is worth sharing. Indeed, it provides with increased exposure, more eyeballs, improved credibility, and increased traffic to your website.
As per the reports, mobiles’ share around 25% of all the internet traffic and it’s still growing rapidly.
Email Campaigns:
Email Campaigns are effective when looking to increase one way targeted engagement with your users. You can deliver other content forms like blog lists, ebooks, video content and reports with email marketing or campaigning.
Why Choose Oodles Marketing?
We are on a path to become an eminent agency providing efficient Content Marketing Services. Additionally, we are here with an objective to become one of the leading SEO and Content Masters in this digital space. Other than that, a skilled in-house team working with us have enough marketing experience to pull off any project related to Digital Marketing .

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